Thao Lam’s Dirty Pop Cards Redefine Lady-Like Behavior

For as long as humankind has been around, it has been expected of women to behave in a certain respectful manner. While men are allowed to make dirty jokes and talk about sex, women were told to stand in the corner acting as if those topics were unrelated to them. Ladies do not fart or raise their middle finger at others. However, we are in the era of female revolution where women are speaking up against these absurd social norms. Thao Lam–business owner and entrepreneur–is working hard to redefine the lady-like behavior expected from females.

How Dirty Pop Cards Came to Be

In July 2020, Lam launched Dirty Pop Cards, a business that specializes in 3D dirty greeting cards for people to share with their ride-or-die. Their goal was for their products to unite people in their laughter and have their customers look back ten years from now, thinking: “Do you remember that 3D penis card you sent me?”

As the company came to be, the team developed a “Fuck ‘Em” philosophy. Their thought process and product creation revolve around the fact that life is too short, and every customer should be laughing like a hyena. That is why their cards represent the way people actually talk to one another. Instead of going for the typical sweet, lovey cards, they give you jokey, funny, and even rude cards to share with those you have inside jokes with.

Who is the team behind this innovative idea? In their own words, “We are the greeting cards company that never grew up. We make jaw-droppingly hilarious greeting cards for those with a ‘twisted’ sense of humor.”

Lam Breaks Stereotypes

Dirty jokes and inappropriate messages were never a female industry. Much like the Dirty Pop Cards’ philosophy, Thao Lam said “fuck ‘em” and went for it anyways. Thus, creating a company society would not have expected a woman to run. How’s that for lady-like behavior?

Lam has become a role model and inspirational figure for female entrepreneurs all around the world. She presents herself as a thick-skin woman who is not afraid to dip her toes in an unconventional genre where women are not supposed to be. It is stories like hers that change the narrative of women empowerment. She is in the room where it all happens, and she is not afraid to share her sense of humor with the world.

Choosing Dirty Pop Cards

This is a time when people need more reasons to smile, and Dirty Pop Cards is giving them one. If you are looking to send greeting cards, why not choose one that will make the recipient smile? Maybe it is your turn to go against expectations like Lam did. They give you the option to do this by purchasing 3D penis cards, raised middle fingers, a pole dancer, naked breasts, an old man farting, and a pot plant. Dirty Pop Cards went where everyone else was afraid to go and created a product to unify those who have the same sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at the inappropriate jokes.

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