The Best Softwares for Business? Here Are The 5 I Use

Nowadays, everyone thinks that being an entrepreneur or business owner is sexy. The reality however, is far less exciting than the Instagram highlight reel might suggest. From prospecting, booking appointments, replying to emails, taking sales calls, sending proposals, training the team, managing clients and building the company – running a business is a lot more than meets the eye. 

It can be stressful as a business owner, particular in the startup phase, where you’re seemingly juggling a million things at once. Fortunately there are a number of softwares and online tools specifically designed to make life as a business owner easier. With the thousands of them out there, there are a few that stood out to me and were relevant to my business. 

Now this obviously isn’t a one size fits all approach, however, here are the 5 softwares I use to run my business – which I highly recommend. 


Personally, this is my pick of the bunch. ActiveCampaign just about has it all. Email marketing, CRM, automations – you name it. This is the hub of where I run my business, as any new lead that enters our pipeline immediately gets added to our ActiveCampaign CRM.

Then you can have it automate to where they are delivered emails, followed up with and more. Which ultimately will help you manage and stay up to date with where they’re at in the sales process. I’ve used a few different CRM’s, and this one is by far the best (in my opinion). makes Mondays a lot better than before. This is the platform I use to manage all of our clients. As soon as we have on-boarded a new client, we update their details in a new Monday board, and from there we can keep track of the status of every client, and know what needs to be done next.

My whole team has access to this, and it has a bunch of great automations. This platform alone saves me over an hour per day.


Calendly is the easiest way to keep track of new booked calls, and be notified of when someone has made a booking.  Simply by sharing your Calendly link, someone can book a call directly with you, at a time that you’ve made available in your schedule.


Similar to, but a little different. This is ideally a communication channel amongst you and your team, to keep up to date with the day to day of what’s happening. Set up slack correctly, and you’ll find yourself rarely having to check your emails.


The holy grail of automations, Zapier, is what allows different apps, such as the ones above, to integrate and automate a lot of the menial tasks and processes in your business. Automating is the way of the future and can save tens of hours per week, and Zapier has just about everything you need.

If you’re looking for some great business softwares to manage your prospects, team, clients and day to day tasks, these are 5 of the best. 

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