Buy Instagram Views & Comments — The Best Way.

Everyone knows that Instagram is one of the top platforms for businesses and brands to get extended reach, connect with more people in their target audience, and generate interest around their brands, products, and services. 

Frankly, if a brand or business doesn’t have an Instagram platform, they’re behind in the game. Most consumers expect to be able to connect with their favorite brands and businesses on Instagram. Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly, and 90% of those users follow at least one business on the platform. 

Instagram is also very popular for users to find new products and services that are related to their interests, and this presents business owners with a huge opportunity if their content lands in front of the right audience. 

But how can brands have a better presence on Instagram? Is it worth it to buy Instagram views and comments in order to boost the performance of posts on Instagram?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what happens when you buy Instagram views and comments, how to buy them, as well as how to make sure that you’re getting the best views and comments through a service like Growthoid

Let’s get started! 

Why Do People Buy Instagram Views? 

Within Instagram’s billion users, 500+ million of them use Instagram stories. Instagram stories have become a huge element of the Instagram platform, increasing the time users spend on the platform by a whopping 28 minutes! 

Users that view Instagram stories are some of the most active and engaged on the platform. Instagram stories make it really easy and streamlined to connect with Instagram brands, businesses, and influencers; there are many simple engagements such as story reactions, story messages, and in-story responses such as polls and ratings that can really boost engagement and make a connection with users of Instagram. 

Since there is a big potential for engagement through stories, it has become a really important way to generate even more interest and reach even more people for businesses. These are not the only type of views that you can purchase for Instagram, however. 

Instagram views are not typically visible to users, but they will appear on a professional account’s Instagram insights. It’s important to have a lot of views on your content if you want to perform well against Instagram’s algorithm. 

The more views that your content gets, the more likely you’ll get engagements. This is the main reason why people would buy Instagram views from sites such as Likes and StormLikes, both for stories as well as for content. 

Why Do People Buy Instagram Comments? 

Another type of engagement that people are eager to buy is Instagram comments. Instagram comments help your content to gain even more reach, as posts and stories with higher engagement perform much better against the Instagram algorithm. 

Not only that, having a healthy comment section shows that people are interested in your account, thus building credibility and trustworthiness in your brand or business. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get comments up, especially if businesses don’t have a strategy in place to help promote and gain Instagram comments. For this reason, it’s a popular type of engagement that people are looking to buy. 

It’s really important for people to have a healthy follower to engagement ratio. For example, you want a certain percentage of your follower number to be engaging with your content, as this reflects successful and valuable Instagram content, which in turn performs better. 

An average follower to engagement ratio would be between 1 and 5% of your total follower count; 10% is great, and anything above that is considered excellent. 

These days, brand partners and sponsors are looking for higher engagement ratios as opposed to high follower counts, because if you have an audience that is engaged with your content, there is more potential for monetizing Instagram content. 

If you don’t have a lot of engagement, you’re not likely to see any conversion or profit from your account, and therefore people really want to buy Instagram comments to help boost their engagement. 

Is It Effective to Buy Instagram Views and Comments? 

Instagram Views and Comments

So, since it’s pretty clear that both Instagram views and comments have a big impact on the success of an Instagram platform, is it really effective to buy these types of engagements?

Ultimately, the answer is usually no. Unfortunately, most providers of Instagram views and comments are not going to provide you with real Instagram views or comments, thus making the purchase effectively useless. 

It may appear that you have more eyes on your content or more engagements through comments, but typically these are fake engagements and won’t actually bring your account any results. This is the biggest problem when people try to buy Instagram views or find themselves looking to buy Instagram comments. 

It can be really difficult to find any providers of real Instagram views and comments because Instagram has made it virtually impossible for companies to provide these types of engagements. The only way they can provide them is through automation, and any time you use an automation service for Instagram, you’ll find yourself disappointed with the results. 

So, if you can’t buy Instagram views, and you can’t buy Instagram comments, how can people be more successful in increasing these metrics?

The best way to “buy” Instagram views and comments is to grow your real Instagram followers, which means you should look to hire an engagement service as opposed to buying Instagram views and comments. 

The results that you’ll get from working with an organic engagement service will be much better in terms of engagement as opposed to if you were to buy Instagram views and comments. 

Let’s examine this a little closer to understand how these services can help your Instagram engagement. 

What is an Instagram Engagement Service? 

Instagram Growth

Typically what happens when you buy Instagram views or buy Instagram comments is that you’ll select the number that you want, put in some information, and your purchase will be dripped into your account at a slow rate so that Instagram doesn’t flag your account. 

While it may seem like your account has a lot of views and comments, these are merely a facade, and they won’t bring you any of the real business results that you’re desperately trying to achieve. 

A good service, however, will help you to not only buy Instagram followers but find you real followers in a target niche that will actually engage with your content and profile.

When you have more target users looking at your content, your engagement rates will go up, because they’re interested in what you have to offer. 

This is so much more valuable than buying Instagram views or comments.  So, does it matter which service you choose to use?

The answer is a resounding yes, as there are many options out there that are looking to pull the wool over your eyes and overpromise results that they have no intention of delivering. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can choose the right service to boost engagement in lieu of having to buy Instagram views and comments. 

How Do Instagram Engagement Services Work? 

When Instagram first blew up in popularity, many businesses, brands, influencers, and celebrities bought followers to increase their image on the platform. Back then it wasn’t as common to buy Instagram views and comments, as the main indicator of success at that time was a high follower count. 

These purchased followers were basically just placeholders for a higher number, which means they were mostly just fake profiles or bots that didn’t engage with the account at all. 

Eventually, users and Instagram caught on to the practice, and accounts that purchased followers were punished; they were either disabled or suspended, or Instagram went around and cleared out all of these fake followers. Once that happened, the purchasing of followers effectively transitioned to engagement services.

Engagement services then emerged that promoted using automated interactions to gain followers. There wasn’t really a quality control on this, so many followers ended up being fake, inactive, or bots. That means they wouldn’t engage with any content. 

Because many accounts had more followers but low engagement, people started to buy Instagram comments to facilitate this. Bots emerged on Instagram that went around leaving generic comments on profiles. 

This, too, eventually became clear to users, and accounts that used these types of interactions or had a lot of fake-looking followers lost a lot of credibility in the eye of Instagram users. 

This stigma still exists, so if your account has a lot of low-quality followers or engagements, you’ll be less likely to gain real followers and engagements, since most users avoid accounts that have a lot of fake or automated activity. 

Instagram, therefore, cracked down on how third-party services engage with the platform; they have to keep their interactions incredibly low because otherwise they’ll be flagged by Instagram. 

If you buy Instagram comments these days, there’s a chance they’ll be reported as spam and be removed if a user feels that they’re not authentic. So, engagement services that use automation are probably best avoided, as well as companies that provide generic comments. 

Seems like we’ve run out of options, right? Think again! There is still one option out there that can provide you with better results than if you were to buy Instagram comments or views. 

This option is known as an organic Instagram engagement service. 

Organic Engagement Services 

Organic engagement services are the best option for Instagram growth as well as for seeing increased views and comments because they really work to build real followers and reach users that will actually be interested in your content. 

A good organic service will work with your very specific targets to find relevant users for your profile. This is really key because if you run a beauty blog, for example, you don’t want to see a bunch of new followers that are middle-aged men from a different country. This is the exact opposite of what you’ll see from automated or phony engagement services. 

When you use an organic engagement service, you won’t have to buy Instagram views or buy Instagram comments because the followers will be already interested, thus boosting your views and comments organically. This is a much better way for one main reason. 

Instagram works off of an algorithm, and the algorithm favors accounts with high engagement levels, such as likes, comments, and views. Because of this, having a lot of organic engagement will help to push your account to a higher position, raising the chances of your account appearing on the explore page, or in the top posts on a hashtag feed. This, in turn, will generate even more reach and interest in your brand. 

The advantages of getting organic followers in order to produce organic engagements clearly outweighs the option to buy Instagram views or comments. Your performance against the algorithm won’t see a boost if you stick with purchased views or comments. 

The Best Service for Instagram Views & Comments

The best Instagram growth service out there right now is without a doubt Growthoid. They’ve totally changed the game when it comes to getting real Instagram followers and more authentic engagements. 

Growthoid offers you manual Instagram growth— no bots or automation or fake followers. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager upon signing up, give them your targets, and they’ll take over your Instagram growth. 

This is the best way to gain Instagram followers that will view and comment on your account, which is much better than opting to buy Instagram views or comments that won’t do anything productive for your account. 

The best thing about Growthoid is that it gives you peace of mind that your account is expanding in both followers and engagements, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time distracted by engaging with accounts on Instagram in your own personal time. 

Having a service like Growthoid in charge of your Instagram growth allows you to focus on the most important things— creating content that’s great and also analyzing your Instagram insights and creating posting, caption, and hashtag strategies. Growthoid paired with these elements will ensure your Instagram jumps up to the next level. 

Growthoid offers two tiers with monthly, no-contract pricing. They have an awesome support team that will help you if you have any technical issues, and they even offer a guarantee since they’re sure you’ll love the results. 

Other Ways To Boost Views and Comments 

Instagram Boost

In addition to using Growthoid, there are other things you can do to boost your real Instagram views and comments. These strategies will ensure that you have valuable engagements that will enhance your performance against the Instagram algorithm. 

Know Your Target Audience 

If you buy Instagram views, you’re not going to get any engagement or business results because they aren’t actually interested in your account. The same thing goes if you buy Instagram comments. So, you have to know the types of users that are most likely to enjoy and even engage with your content if you want to get valuable views and comments. 

The more you know about your target audience, the more successful your Instagram growth will be. What’s more, knowing your target audience can also help you give Growthoid more specific targeting options to amp up your follower growth. That’s the best way to get Instagram views and comments. 

Use Hashtags 

Another vital part of having authentic Instagram engagements is to use hashtag strategies. That way, your content will reach people in your target audience through Growthoid as well as through hashtags, doubling your reach. 

Use hashtags that are specific to your niche; avoid very general hashtags or ones that are extremely popular. Your content will get lost in the posts. Use more specific hashtags that have a clear connection to your niche that your target users are likely to follow. You’ll pop up in hashtag feeds, and then you’re likely to get more engagements. 

Conclusion: The Best Way to Buy Instagram Views and Comments 

All in all, the best way to buy Instagram views and comments is to not buy them. Remember, views and comments are only valuable to your profile if they’re made by real users that actually care about your content. 

When you directly buy Instagram comments or views, you’re actually just buying automation. Instagram automation tools and bots don’t generate results for your business, and they won’t help you work well with the Instagram algorithm. 

For that reason, it’s a much better idea to inadvertently buy Instagram views and comments through hiring an organic Instagram service like Growthoid. Using an Instagram engagement service will have many more benefits, as you’ll increase the reach and engagements on your account as well as perform better in terms of the algorithm. 

This will generate long-term growth and give you a consistent increase in your followers and engagements. 

Don’t damage the credibility and reputation of your account by buying empty views or buying generated comments. This won’t help your account and will hurt you in the long run. 

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