The Colombian Actor and Influencer Jeison Hurtado Moreno’s Story About His Upcoming Movie

It is very surreal to know about the success stories of people who make others learn something from their journeys, which can help inspire them and change their lives for the better. The world of arts and entertainment is a world of its own. It has so far welcomed innumerable talents that have pushed the limits and gone beyond boundaries to create a unique place in the hearts of the audiences. This very connection that they create with people helps them raise the bar for others in the ever-growing and ever-evolving industry. One of the names that have been making quite a buzz lately for his mesmerizing looks, persona, charm and talent is Colombian actor and influencer Jeison Hurtado Moreno, who believed in his talents and passion as an actor and artist and that’s what helped him gain great momentum in the world of films and entertainment.

Fans of this young talent now can’t control their excitement as soon Jeison Hurtado Moreno will be starting his “big dream act” in a huge action flick between Colombia and India named ‘The same dawn story’, which in Spanish is named ‘LA MISMA MALDITA HISTORIA’. Talking about his upcoming movie, the 30-year-old Colombian talent says, “I always desired to do great action films, and when I heard the script of The same dawn story, I was all in. I think that film would turn out to be one of the best in the coming years and I am truly elated and excited to be a part of such a wondrous project.”

It is said that this film would be Jeison Hurtado Moreno’s first biggest project and is expected to begin shooting by the end of 2021 or early 2022 because of those Covid things or regulations. The actor and influencer are more than happy and excited for this said project for two reasons – one is that is a huge action movie and second that it would be shot in Cali, from where he hails and then probably in Mumbai, India, a country for which the young talent holds great love and regard.

Interestingly, Jeison Hurtado Moreno, who today enjoys massive fan and follower base had a tough journey that led him where he is today. Surrounded by many negativities from a very early age, instead of losing hope, he rose above all of this and channelled all his energy and passion towards becoming an actor to create a great career for himself. And, here he is today, not only lightening up the screen with his presence and talent but also making it huge as an influencer on social media platforms not just in Cali, but in India also. Jeison Hurtado Moreno says that the essence of his life is his belief in God’s love and transformative power for humanity.

He has garnered more than 140K followers already on Instagram and growing each passing day. This proves the talent and prowess of Jeison Hurtado Moreno as an actor and influencer par excellence. To know more, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @jeisonf7.

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