The Digital Marketing World Says That Michael Vargas Is in Trend These Days

Michael credits his vision for what brought him to where he is today.

Meet Michael Vargas, a social media marketing agency owner from Long Island, New York. Michael helps businesses achieve market dominance and create a substantial social media presence. His agency is one of the few that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for their clients. Michael’s company, Forward Growth Media, will continue to grow and achieve incredible results for their clients for years to come. Michael credits his vision for what brought him to where he is today.

Michael’s journey to becoming a social media marketing star is a pretty amazing one. He now even mentors other social media marketing agency owners on how to achieve success in this field. In this fast-growing era of everything digital, one always needs a mentor who has achieved what you want to achieve. Mentors are very important to have if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Instead of learning from your mistakes, it is better to learn from the mistakes of other people. You need to get as close as you can to those who have the results that you want, and take action on whatever they tell you to implement.

Talking about the challenges faced by him, Michael says,

I believe that almost everyone who starts a business will face a myriad of challenges along their journey towards their goals. I believe these challenges are almost tests in a way, to weed out those who are not actually serious about achieving their goals and reaching their desired level of success. It took me 15 months from coming up with the concept of my business to landing my first real client. I pretty much made no money during this time, while also facing ridicule from my friends and some of the people around me.

We hope to interact with him again in the future. Cheers to Michael, for he has come a long way from where he started, and we wish him luck in his future endeavors.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.