The Future Now: Innovation Meets Health and Safety MESA Enterprises

The Future Now: Innovation Meets Health and Safety MESA Enterprises

The healthcare industry has benefited to a large extent from modern innovations and technologies. HealthTech is now a sector of its own and has helped improve the living standards of people.

In this article, we discuss a significant revolution in the HealthTech sector brought in by MESA’s software. The technology we discuss today will change the way people interact and benefit from software.

Before we jump into the significance and advanced features, let’s understand the basics of the software.

What is Central Hub and Resource Link?

The Central Hub and Resource Link, also known as CHRL or “Cheryl,” is a touch-free, gesture-controlled software interface that facilitates engagement with people.

Some of the significant features include:

  • It offers a multi-sensory experience with sight, sound, and motion
  • People interact with all these 3 senses tend to form a subconscious impression, which increases the recall value exponentially
  • Totally customizable landing pages to create custom interactions and convey important information
  • Safe check-in opportunities for patients and staff
  • QR codes scanning at the ending slides to transfer and store data in the clients’ phone which can be used as a lead or solve specific problems

Significance in the Healthcare Sector

MESA’s software is revolutionary for the Healthcare sector and helps doctor practices be safe and healthy. Patients and clients can now interact easily with the software and get all the necessary information along with an everlasting brand recall.

How is it used?

The software is installed at a favorable location in the doctor’s practice area, and every patient can interact easily. Patients are prompted to interact when walking close to it.

  • The screen displays videos or images until a person comes close to it
  • The screen changes to a welcome screen as soon as a person comes in the vicinity of the screen
  • The patient gets to see search options from the navigation menu consisting of various links that the doctor can customize as per his/her needs
  • The patient/client can use hand gestures to select options and land on a custom landing page
  • The landing page is full of information along with a QR code, which can be scanned to transfer the same information to the mobile phone
  • You can easily customize the landing pages and add all the frequently asked questions and detailed information about your services

The software can easily automate the check-in and check-out process for patients and help increase the efficiency of the doctor’s office.

Additional Revenue from Advertisements

Another significant benefit is the additional revenue from advertisements. The digital space offers you an opportunity to display advertisements from various sources in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  

Increased Customer Service and Satisfaction

The software is especially useful in boosting the Patients/clients satisfaction index. Patients/clients can get answers to any kind of issue every time without needing any human assistance.

All this happens in a safe environment free of touch!

Proven to Boost Bottom Line Directly

The process of interactions and the flow of information can be designed to increase the conversions you have in your business. You can also change the flow of information to increase engagement and make people take action.

Accessing the Analytics from the Dashboard and Making Decisions

MESA provides a custom dashboard for users to access various data points.

You can control everything displayed on the screens from the access portal.

The software is powered by advanced data analytics, which analyses every interaction and gives you insights. You can analyze this data in real-time and make decisions to improve the conversions.

You can also run surveys to identify customer problems and areas of improvement in your services.

Concerns Caused Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to Healthline, touch screens in public spaces are known to colonize an average of 253,857 colony-forming units per square inch.

This is a significant health concern and is getting solved by MESA’s software, eliminating the need to have any touchpoint.

Partnering with Other Businesses

Every Healthcare business has a lot of uncovered opportunities that can be leveraged by using MESA’s software.

It allows you to connect with partner businesses in your area. This also gives you opportunities to earn from advertising and also collaborate with other companies using MESA’s software.

MESA also offers training for your staff initially so you can leverage all the features and identify growth opportunities.

Level of Customizations

There is no end to the customizations that you can do with MESA. You can edit every screen that is visible to users.

You can even customize the landing pages and then read the analytics insights to improve specific areas that enhance conversions.


You can significantly benefit from the software by becoming an early bird and leveraging the opportunity!

To know more about MESA:

You can check out the website –

To talk to the team directly, you can call them at 1-844-637-2224.

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