The Huge Business Project to Watch out for From This 20-Year-Old

People are living in a world where they have an insatiable appetite for doing their own thing. To be their boss and amass fortunes out of their work. Entrepreneurs are gradually on the rise, and the pandemic has fueled the urge.

It is now even insane as teenagers are already getting into the business. Research from Wakefield, in a survey of 500 adults, 13% started their business at 20 or younger and is rising. The reason why young people are already investing in their future is because of the massive decline of the employment rate in the 21st century. Angus Onisforou is no exception as he is an entrepreneur and an exemplar to many of his age.

About Angus Onisforou

Angus, born and raised in Sydney, is an entrepreneur who has been having projects after projects that earn him a fortune. Despite being from a wealthy family in Australia, the 20-year-old has taken it upon himself to build his empire and not get comfortable in his parents’ wealth. He is a student at the University of Technology Sydney studying Business and Law.

His Business

Angus Onisforou, at his age, has an unmatched business mind that you can’t outlook. A day in Angus Onisforou’s life constitutes going to work, speaking to future consumers, and further expanding on a business, he will launch next month. His dedication to entrepreneurship is also an admiring factor.

He is setting up a new auction house specializing in cars and collectibles in a digital model. He got into the idea of cars and collectibles from initially being an avid collector of watches and having a profound interest in cars. He hopes to set up the business in Melbourne.

Future Plans

Following optimism, a clear vision, and determination, Angus aims at launching the business and expanding it to global markets. And with his incredible energy, it is worth watching out for him in the future. It is remarkable how he is making it big for himself, especially amidst a pandemic.


Angus is already a star in the business world. With significant business attributes like hard work, determination, optimism, and goal-oriented, his business will undoubtedly take a peak and grow. A strong mindset is also a defining force in the industry as it determines one’s success in business. You can keep up with Angus by following him on



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