The Importance of a Verified Social Media Account

Every brand/influencer is involved in the skirmish to gain the maximum number of followers and engagement on social media. But not every brand/influencer is mindful of the means to become a prominent player on social media platforms. Your prospective audience needs something to put their faith in you, and a verified social media account a quintessential step for that.

The essence of a verified account is that the social media platforms assure you that it is a thoroughly vetted profile with nothing sketchy happening in the background.

What is a verified social media account?

It would be boorish to explain it, but in a concise statement, it establishes that the account is owned and operated by a real public figure, brand or celebrity.

Why do you need a verified social media account?

For starters, you are distinguishable from the rest of the clutter prevalent on social media platforms. As the platform marks you as a reliable source, more traffic converges to your account with each passing day. Slowly, you begin to build your brand awareness that is rewarding in the long run.

Having a verified account is also good for further expansion. Any brand that approaches you or vice versa takes notice of the verified account and knows that there are no chances of getting deceived or duped by a verified account. Even if it happens somehow, the platform can take stern action against the account for such behavior.

How to get your account verified on social media platforms?

The first step is to be transparent with your audience about your account, its niche and refrain from inflicting any negative influence on your audience.

Secondly, good and engaging content is a must to get verified by any social media platform. Many accounts try to cut corners and malign the fair use policy by copying and publishing copyrighted content. If you partake in such behavior, forget about being verified, you wouldn’t even last a few days on any social media platform.

The third step is to abide by the policies and the community guidelines of the platform. If you post inciteful content, profanity, illegal, or offensive content, you will get the ax.

Still, struggling to get verified?

Even if you follow all the steps, you won’t get verified on the first attempt. The policies are finicky and keep evolving with time, and an account holder may not have the time or the information to get verified.

To ease your burden, you can get help from a social media marketing agency thar provides verification services. It is imperative to note that the agencies operate earnestly, and there is no corrupt method to get your account verified.

Facebook account verification, Instagram account verification, and many similar platforms become a lot easier to achieve if you have a reliable social media marketing agency by your side.

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