The Journey of Gary Mcsween, an Inspiration for Many

Gary is a 36-year-old leading entrepreneur. He hails from Trincity Trinidad. Gary completed his graduation in BSC Process & Utilities EngineeringInitially, he worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for more than nine years. At present, he is a Leadership Coach & Mentor at iBelieveVentures. Gary McSween always had his doubts about motivational tactics and the inspiration people could find in motivational speakers. This was his belief until he attended an event in Dallas, Texas many years ago after meeting the multiple seven-figure earners. At present, David Imonitie is his mentor.

Hurdles faced by Gary

Despite his success now, the path has not always been easy for Gary. His biggest challenge was self-belief, he never understood the power of believing. It was his experience and mentorship is that helped him gain confidence in understanding the process of believing. Now Gary is making it his mission to empower people to find that belief in themselves.

“My biggest challenge is doubt and unbelief. Believing that you can do it, once you believe you can do it and it’s the right vehicle anything is possible. Success is a moving target. Success for me is not the destination but is the path to the destination. There are so many people my age with less education who are having the massive success that most in the corporate world would not earn or even think about.” Gary explains.

Gary’s secret recipe to success

“Make your goals very clear. Then find a coach and mentor who has won in the same field you want to win in. LISTEN to EXACTLY what they say to you to do. DO IT UNTIL YOU WIN. Success is also 90 – 99% mental and 1 – 10 % Skill. If you don’t win the battle in the mind you will not win in the physical. Success in all you do happens in the mind first.” Gary advises.

“I love impacting others, helping them to see that anything is possible through the POWER OF BELIEVING”, Gary said. He looks forward to impact 20 thousand families through his current opportunity. He wants to teach people how to become digital entrepreneurs.


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