The Journey That Started With a Social Experiment – Karzan Hisham

Karzan Hisham was born in Duhok, Iraq. Karzan is currently 25 year old Youtuber, actor and influencer. He has a huge fan base. Not only among the youngsters but also among the people of every age group. He is loved throughout by everyone.

How all this started?

So, all this fandom and him getting popular started with a video which he made just a social experiment. He shot a video where he asked for some money from random strangers for help to travel on the bus. And 90% of the people acted in affirmation. He then put the video on youtube as a memory.

The video basically showed how kind hearted and helping are people of Duhok.

From one video to making it as a career choice

When he released his first video the response was amazing , the video was all over Duhok. People loved it, especially the locals because the video showed the amazing things about the people of Duhok. N-number of views and thousands of positive comments encouraged him. Even though he was pursuing his degree in maths he decided to keep going on the path of YouTube.

He wanted to give more and more to his viewers so he decided to carry on this. Soon he started to explore this field further by providing a variety of videos.  He started doing vlogs, adventure videos, lifestyle and traveling related videos.

What fans loved the most was the traveling vlogs. They love it when  Karzan Hisham explores places. Whether it’s any place of localities or be it any country they enjoy it the most.

Karzan Hisham has many talents

Karzan is also an influencer. He has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He won the hearts of the fam there by showing the simplicity of his life and he proved being an influencer doesn’t always mean to show off.

He is also an Actor, Film Director, Film Editor, Social Media Star and Content Creator.

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