The Ledge is Ready to Transform The ‘Why’ Behind Content Consumption With its Unique View to Earn Model

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency are the talk of the town and The Ledge, a new crypto conglomerate, is ready to burst onto the scene with its first NFT collection, “Ledgers NFT”. Contrary to other projects in the space, The Ledge is creating something fresh: a view-to-earn utility platform allowing holders to earn tokens by consuming digital content.

To describe this view-to-earn concept, The Ledge has coined the term Entertainment 3.0, a tribrid of blockchain-based technology, the NFT space, and the traditional online content you know and love. Ledgers NFT act not only as a digital asset for investors to buy, sell and trade but also as your access pass to the view-to-earn platform The Ledge is creating.

We asked the team behind The Ledge what their mindset was entering a market filled with thousands of projects to which they said,

“We have watched how NFT collections rise fast and fall faster. Our goal with The Ledge is to create a product that is unique and technically sound, but most of all, create a strong community poised to use it. We want to be here for the long haul, and we believe the fundamental concepts behind The Ledge will allow us to do so.”

The current NFT landscape consists of monolithic collection silos, each competing with one another for the spot on centre stage. The Ledge looks to take a different approach, saying “we don’t want to be a competitor, but rather the string that ties each collection together and furthers the space as a whole. We think view-to-earn is a perfect way to grow the market across the board, to build-up rather than tear-down”.

The Ledge has already found success in the early stages of its collection rollout, selling out both of their private pre-release sales for Ledgers NFT and watching as secondary sale prices have skyrocketed, allowing some buyers to 7x their initial investment.

The future is bright for The Ledge. They plan on opening the doors to the public in late February with their “Gold” phase sale for Ledgers NFT. Beyond that release, they have detailed plans for future NFT collections, play-to-earn games, and metaverse expansion, all coming together to build a foundation for Entertainment 3.0 and an ecosystem for their view-to-earn model to inhabit.

Having found success early on and with comprehensive plans for what’s to come, The Ledge is shaping up to be the next must-know name in the booming NFT space.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Entertainment 3.0 movement, check out their discord community and visit their website for roadmap information, sneak peeks and more. You can also follow The Ledge on Twitter and Instagram to keep tabs on what’s to come.

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