The New Face of Branding Through Social Media

Technology has allowed people to harness the power of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to grow their brands and create mass awareness. One of the most successful examples of this, is Kristy Campbell and her company at Pink Pony Creative

Kristy helps businesses to stand out from the crowd by providing them with outstanding graphics and cohesive aesthetics, to build awareness and grow communities around their brand. She has leveraged various social media platforms to highlight her brand, and work with companies and influencers across the world.

Coming to life in 2019 through a 100-day design challenge on Instagram, Pink Pony Creative gained a whopping 30,000 Instagram followers and 185,000+ on TikTok in just one year. Now, Kristy has turned Pink Pony Creative into a full-time business filled with colour, inspiration, motivation and excitement since March 2020!    

Kristy has over 8 years of industry experience, believing in using a collaborative approach and working with their clients, not for them, to help people take their business to the next level and give each client a more personal experience. 

Kristy owes the success of her brand to the social media platforms she uses that have given her the privilege of working with amazing people and businesses across the world. From YouTubers in America, Pizza Trucks in Hawaii and Self Tanning brands in New Zealand, all the way to influencers across the globe – it’s safe to say Kristy has a vast amount of industry experience. 

Kristy believes that her success is due to her ability to merge her personality, which both helps reflect and draw in like-minded people. Her unique business helps to make an impact and add ‘spice’ to each project, which see’s her receive countless booking requests months in advance, thanks to her social media strategy and impactful designs.

Pink Pony Creative takes business ideas and combines them with their creative flair to truly bring their visions to life. Using up to date posting, showing her face and getting to know people through her Facebook page with over 400 members, ‘Pink Pony Club’,  Kristy shares her wisdom on graphic design and branding with her audience, even providing step-by-step techniques and skills.

Since its inception, Kristy has been providing businesses, both big and small, with bright and bold designs that allow her business to stand out from their competition. Clients come to Pink Pony Creative wanting something unique and different to what they have seen before, which is why Kristy ensures to involve her clients in the design process, providing them with several branding design alternatives for them to choose from, so that she can refine their idea and drive the branding outcome that supports the clients business mission.

To find out more about Kristy and Pink Pony Creative, visit her websiteInstagram, or TikTok.

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