The New Face of Music Is Toriqul Islam Tusher

Toriqul Islam Tusher is a Bangladeshi musical artist

Tariqul Islam Tushar is a Bangladeshi musician Artist. Growing up with his music since childhood. Tushar was born in Rangpur, Pirganj. Tariqul Islam Tushar passed SSC and HSC from Rangpur Collectorate School and College. He passed BA from Gaibandha Government College. After 25 years of his life, he is now working with Top Rated Freelancer, Digital Marketing. Coming into this freelancing world because of a different kind of love than the love of computers, the main goal is for young people to earn money at home instead of running after jobs. He has an organization of his own called Learn Freelancing With Tusher.

He is always working with newcomers. Newcomers can easily improve their skills and easily earn income online. The funniest thing about him is that he has his weaknesses towards music as well as freelancing, Snow has already been verified as the official artist of the international music platforms YouTube, TickTock and Spotify. Verified as the official artist channel on YouTube in May 2021, his channel and recently he got a place in artist verification from Spotify.

He started in 2016 with his music and a digital marketing company, Tariqul Digital Media. I haven’t thought about such a song before, but now that I have started and done well, it’s time to work on my own YouTube channel. In terms of the state of work through digital in Corona scenarios, he stated that typical work outside the home is not practicable in epidemic times. You must go to the production firm if you wish to work there. As a result, I’m currently attempting to publish songs from my house via YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming apps. These, I believe, are the greatest options in our scenario. Tariqul Islam Tushar said the idea was to present himself as a musician. It is not possible to operate normally in this corona epidemic situation. So he wanted to add another dimension of entertainment to people from sitting at home.

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