The Post-COVID World is the Perfect Time to Secure One’s Finances

Leading author, asset manager, filmmaker, real estate investor, and broker, Bill Bymel, believes that the post-pandemic world is exactly the time to be taking stock of your finances our markets are ever-evolving and the housing market is no exception. Bill has over two decades of experience in this space and is using his insider knowledge to help homeowners overcome the challenges that the pandemic has created. But more than just survival, this is about seizing the opportunities that will arise as life returns to normal.

The last eighteen months have been incredibly challenging for people across the globe, and even as we seem to find ourselves on the other side of the pandemic, we are nowhere in the clear. Although government support packages have helped many people to overcome some of these issues, as the world begins to return to normality, many homeowners are starting to worry about debt accrued. 

As an experienced asset manager, real estate investor, author, filmmaker, and broker, Bill Bymel understands the many challenges now facing these borrowers. For over twenty years, Bill has been providing expert advice to businesses and homeowners alike, utilizing his wealth of knowledge to help them find solutions to their debt issues without facing default or foreclosure on their property.

Bill is always looking for ways to take his knowledge and offer people actionable solutions to seemingly complex problems. Operating several businesses himself, Bill provides those property owners facing rising debt solutions to help them stay in their homes.

Through First Lien Capital, Bill and his team purchase defaulted mortgages directly from the banks and various private lenders at a discount compared to face value. They will then help to pass these savings on to distressed borrowers, giving them a unique resolution such as trial payment plans and loan modifications to help reduce the stress and worry of losing their home.

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Bill has become a trusted liquidity provider to Wall Street and many institutional investors within the mortgage space. With many homeowners facing issues arising from the pandemic, Bill’s approach sets a new standard for servicer oversight and loss mitigation.

Bill sees the entire picture, and approaches people and relationships with authenticity and humility. These are not just business transactions, rather, opportunities to help people connect and grow, particularly amidst stressful situations and times of conflict.  

Bill’s career began in the early 2000s when he was a residential and commercial real estate investor and broker. After a chance phone call from a fund manager shortly before the 2008 Lehman Brothers crash, he began his foray into the world of NPL and the secondary mortgage market, making it his mission to resolve thousands of bad loans during the crisis.

Bill says “I believe in talking with borrowers to find out what they want, offering them a flexible and caring approach. Even delinquent borrowers deserve respect, but in this modern world, it can be hard to find investors who will treat them with integrity, which is where we come in.”

During these stressful periods, Bill knew that emotions are high, which is why he developed a unique tailored approach to each individual, meeting with them face-to-face, giving them the confidence, tools, and knowledge to overcome their issues.

says, “I know just how stressful and worrying rising debt can be. When your property is on the line, it leads to many sleepless nights. My mission is to help homeowners reduce this stress by giving them the chance to stay in their property. 

Eager to build on his support, Bill has also published his own book, Win Win Revolution. The book is an essential guide for anyone interested in the NPL market or is concerned about the many ethical issues that still plague the mortgage servicing industry today. In the book, Bill looks to cover a host of scenarios alongside providing blueprints for solutions to benefit all parties involved. He is also a regular inspirational speaker, sharing his advice and story at fundraisers and events.

To find out more about Bill Bymel, visit here.

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