The Rise of Content Creators Like Saurav Soni in 2021 Indicates It’s an Era of Indian Apps Now.

He is not a beautiful girl who gets millions of followers. He is Saurav Soni Indian App Influencer who is impressing nearly 20millions from various Apps with his creative videos. Surely he is coming out as the topmost Content Creator in 2021.

TikTok was a miracle in India, with over 700 million downloads. Its removal left many content creators ripe for choosing by homegrown short-form video apps like Roposo, Zili, Helo, Gaana hotshots aur Taka Tak, Moj, Josh and many more. These apps are now emerging as top apps in India, giving content creators an all-new opportunity after Tik Tok departure.

Top content creators like Saurav Soni know today in India that almost everyone who is using mobile has one app installed, which helps them expand their reach more and more as an influencer.

With most operators working from home, Daily Active Users on short-form video apps such as Josh, Moj, MX Takatak and Roposo are back to nearly 100 per cent of April 2021 levels. It has taken all the viewers of Tik Tok in one year.

The short-form video Apps have strongly retained 75 per cent of the TikTok era users and have recorded around 40 per cent new users, largely from Tier-2 centres, over the past year.

This trend is regularly driven by a stronger focus of platforms on natural content. Overall, 65 per cent of the short-form video users are from Tier 2+ cities of India. With content creators like Saurav Soni, we are seeing all new Make in India content.’

Many apps like Josh have shown powerful performance in Tier-1 cities in India compared to the smaller ones. With the current condition, we all look for new refreshments from these apps, and content creators like Saurav Soni fulfil all the requirements by providing fresh creative content.


Many good content creators like Saurav Soni are giving good time with their videos to their fans. They are not limited to youtube. So, what are you waiting for? Check out his videos and all on Saurav Soni official and find the ones you like.

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