The Secret Behind Bestselling Author Lisa Hocker’s Success

Lisa Hocker

Meet Lisa Hocker, a successful author who’s currently on her entrepreneurial journey. Ever since she was a child, Lisa was fond of having a strong work ethic. While growing up in New York, she developed a deep understanding of the value of time and money before going off to college and law school in Boston.    

Before building up her own business, Lisa was a lawyer who excelled in her field. While working as a public defender and private criminal defense attorney, she came across the idea of “network marketing”. Inspired by the business, Lisa joined her multilevel marketing.

As she worked full time in court, she also took care of four kids and managed to develop a way to work her side business by performing only those activities that would definitely result in either someone purchasing her product or joining her team. 

Lisa’s daily method of operation was very well built and efficient. It was so refined, that people around her started getting curious. However, she noticed that the majority of the women whom she worked with had no system of their own and no clue of how to achieve real success. Thus she decided to train people, including those who were on her team as well as those who were on sideline teams.

As she got the idea of how badly people around her needed to build a proper system, she decided to write a book called, “Direct AF Sales”. The book was all about the simple and efficient methods Lisa had utilized throughout her journey. As Lisa explains, “The goal is to reach everyone who is looking for a way to build their business without fear, confusion or anxiety, or who is looking for a simple efficient system that can be executed daily.”

Moving ahead, while Lisa worked on her book, the idea of formulating the book into a small dice hit her. She thought of putting her five daily step method on five sides of the dice and on the remaining seven sides she decided to put on other income-producing activities. This creative fun product gives users specific actionable steps to follow every day.

You could just roll the dice and follow the two tasks given to you. In short, a dice is a great tool in helping the user stay productive!

In conclusion, her successful life as a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, trainer, and most importantly a mother can be attributed to two things: constant determination and an efficient working system.

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