The Secrets of Successful Automation of Your Home

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Are you thinking of automating your home? It is a wonderful idea. A properly automated home is safer, more convenient, and looks impressive. While many people believe that automation is something that only the wealthy ones can afford, it is far from the truth.

Automation doesn’t cost as much as you might believe if you know how to use an electric linear actuator and have some basic DIY skills, you can turn your home into an automated hub without major investment.

Here we offer you some automation ideas that can be implemented by complete beginners. You can start with them, and when you gain more skills, you can automate just whatever you want in your home.

Kitchen Automation Makes the Space More Functional

Everybody wants to have a functional kitchen. To create one, you need a lot of kitchen devices. And indeed, the more of them you have, the more you can automate cooking, washing, etc. However, usually, a kitchen is not the biggest room in a house. Moreover, the issue of free space becomes tenser if you live in a flat.

Here, automation comes in very handy. You can install plenty of devices with just a couple of automation ideas.

A telescopic column in one of your kitchen cabinets can serve as wonderful support for one of those devices that aren`t used constantly but still are needed. So, a food processor can be hidden inside the cabinet and rest there until you lift it with a push of a button. If you need to hide more devices, just install more telescopic columns.

If you need to hide those jars with spices or kitchen utensils, fix a popup rack in one of the wall-mounted cabinets. When you lower it, the needed items appear at the reach of your hand. When lifted, the rack is hidden in the kitchen cabinet.

By Automating Your Bed, You Can Get a Lot of Additional Storage Space

What about additional storage space? It is something that is never sufficient. And under your bed, there is a lot of space that can be used, and it won`t bother you. Moreover, by automating the bed frame, you can make the use of its space absolutely safe and convenient.

Install a couple of linear actuators (make sure they are powerful enough, and their stroke length is sufficient to lift the frame to the needed level) so that in the extended position, they lift the bed frame. In the retracted position, the bed frame shall be located in its place.

Now, if you still don`t have anything under the bed, make a huge storage compartment (it can be made of wood, MDF, or whatever). The size? Well, it is up to you, we believe that the size of the bed is fine. If you need to store there different categories of things, divide the compartment into smaller spaces.

That`s it. Now, when you need to store something, just click a button and make the bed frame lift. Then, click the button and lower the bed frame.

This approach makes using the space under the bed not only more comfortably. It is much safer, too. Even if the power is cut or an actuator breaks down, the actuators are blocked in the same position. You can be sure that the bed frame isn`t going to crash down onto your head.

An Automated TV Lift Is Affordable

Many people would like to have an automated TV lift installation. But not many people have it. Now it is, however, not a luxury anymore, thanks to linear actuators.

You can install a TV lifting system in a cabinet and make an opening in the cabinet top to allow the device to lift and lower the TV set. Yep, from the expenses, you need a lift system.

Another option is to hide your device behind a bookcase, a shelf, or any other furniture piece.

If you have an advanced fireplace, you can install the TV set there, too.

As you can see, it is not so expensive (yes, it costs, but its price is much lower than you could imagine), and you can do it on your own, in a way you like.

Bottom Line

Any other ideas? To tell the truth, they are unlimited. You can automate shelves, your desk, turn your usual armchair into a reclinable one, also with actuators. When you get some skills and learn more about actuators, you can continue with the automation of doors and windows. Further, you can move to the installation of a solar panel with a real sun tracker for maximum efficiency.

Some people like automating everything in their patios to impress friends and relatives. If you would love to try it, check projects, descriptions, and move on.

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