The Spiritual Side of Crypto: Meet Swami Crypto and Learn How to Become Your Own Bank

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Over the last few turbulent years, many people have begun questioning systems ranging from healthcare to education. And with good reason, as we saw these systems overwhelmed and collapsing under difficult and ever-changing circumstances brought on by the pandemic.

Swami Crypto, a cryptocurrency investor and founder of ARCrypto, suggests adding banks to the list of systems that are less than safe. Swami recently launched his teaching academy, ARC COSMOS, to teach beginners how to enter the crypto market.

And, a quick visit to his Instagram reveals that leaving the big banking system of the US and “becoming your own bank,” as he calls it, are among his latest passionately-shared lessons. 

But, as his name might imply, he’s not in the crypto world just for the money. Rather, he takes a more holistic view of crypto investing, viewing it as a passive way of making money that allows him to use his time pursuing what he wants to do. Activities like travel, living in foreign cities, reading inspiring books, and being able to do what he likes are far more important to him. He sees crypto as a means to an end. 

Schooled by a Swami

The passionate teacher set up his learning academy in a very specific way. It takes only 20 students per month so that the staff can focus on each student’s education. 

“We take pride in teaching students and we reinvest all the profits. We don’t just teach crypto, we practice what we preach. For that reason, we don’t make money off our sales,” said Swami. “Instead, we compound money using our talent and skills.”

Every student enrolling in the school is treated to a one-on-one consultation With an ARC representative. They will spend 30 minutes getting to know each prospective student, ascertaining if they are a good fit for ARC COSMOS, and learning about their hopes and goals.

Once enrolled, students receive 10+ hours of private crypto coaching, membership in video training site ARC Revolution, live classroom instruction three times per week, step-by-step worksheets, email and chat support, an online forum, and a Telegram AMA-style community. 

The private coaching is hands-on and done using the student’s own assets. For example, Swami will instruct all his students to move crypto into their metamask and teach them how to do it. The one-on-one educators will provide support to help students get ready to move the funds from their own accounts. 

For those hoping to learn, he wants them to take a universal approach to their crypto journey, recommending exercises and reading material that seems unrelated to the day-to-day business of crypto trading or investing.

He is currently recommending the 608-page long The Creature from Jekyll Island, a tome published in 1994 that exposes the inner workings of the Federal Reserve to teach his students about “how the Fed was set up, how self-serving it is for banks, and how the government uses it to keep us trapped,” he said. 

Don’t Bank on It

So, what does reading a book about the dark side of banking have to do with Swami’s business? As it turns out, quite a lot. 

He advises that his followers disengage from the American banking system, that they pull their money out and invest it in more lucrative ways that also provide more control. He predicts imminent disaster looming for the US government and banking system. 

“Take a look at Rome, take a look at all the governments that have failed. They failed because they did exactly what the US government is doing right now. You want to have control of your money. If just 10% of people go to the banks and withdraw their money, it will destroy the entire system,” he said on Instagram.

“I am my own bank. What does that mean? I have custody of my own money. And guess what? I do with it what I want. What I end up doing is loaning money – just like the bank does – using blockchain technology,” he shared.

He went on to explain the reason he doesn’t stress over the day-to-day movements of currencies like Bitcoin. He said that, since he has investments that pay him passive income by acting as a bank, he doesn’t need to worry as much about his crypto investments.

“I am a banking institution and you have that power too,” he said. “This is what we’re teaching.” 

About Swami Crypto

Swami Crypto is passionate about bringing crypto to the masses during the greatest wealth transfer of all time. He is making crypto accessible to everyone and is devoted to building a community. He has spoken on stages across the U.S. To learn more about his private crypto training program, please visit

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