The Story Behind One Of Canada’s Best Underground Artists, GerkOne

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Success depends on commitment and dedication. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to only be about working nonstop. GerkOne is proving that there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, and in some cases, it can even be beneficial. Hip-hop artist GerkOne’s musical career was at its highest point when he took a 10-year-long hiatus in 2010. He has returned to the music scene better than ever.

Currently, GerkOne is a force to be reckoned with in the rap music industry. The songs he released after his inactivity received a lot of attention online and from other artists. His fanbase is also constantly growing on Instagram and YouTube. All of this started with the burning passion of the up-and-coming hip-hop superstar.

Like many renowned artists, GerkOne’s interest in music began when he was too young to remember exactly when. He was influenced by hip-hop as a youngster, and he competed in freestyle and battle rapping when he was in grade school. Back then, he was merely rapping for fun. However, when he reached high school, he realized that he wanted to pursue music as a career.

In 2007, he finally had his first recording experience at Polaris Studios under Joe Hellow. This year, he released his debut single, “My Block”, which still remains in the hearts of his loyal fans to this day.

In 2008, GerkOne found himself closer and closer to his dream of becoming a famous music artist. He released his first mixtape, “F8tal Division Vol. 1”, and actively promoted it to the public. During that time, social media and online streaming weren’t as prominent as they are now. To promote his music, he performed weekly and stood outside gas stations and grocery stores to sell his CDs.

All of GerkOne’s hard work paid off when he was finally recognized as the #10 Unsigned Canadian hip-hop artist on the MySpace top charts in 2009. He continued to release more tracks, and his rising fame led him to collaborate with the 2X platinum recording artist, 2 Pistol. They worked together on the song “Make It Happen”, and it became his final single before going on a decade-long break.

In 2020, social media and audio streaming platforms became relevant, and the quarantine made people more interested in listening to music. GerkOne decided it was the perfect timing to make a comeback. Much to his delight, it worked in his favor.

He created the 11-track album, “Pardon My Attitude”. The songs included are “Another One”, “Big Bad Bruin”, “Big Deal”, “Cold Summer”, “Flyer”, “How We Do”, “No Limit”, “Real As It Gets”, “Swish”, “Vsop”, and “Way Up”.

GerkOne’s decision to take a break and return after 10 years became the turning point of his career. He’s now getting hundreds of thousands of plays on different music streaming websites, and the number of his social media followers is steadily increasing. He’s planning to release his new album, “Pardon My Atti2ude”, this year. His fans are watching his Instagram messages in great anticipation of the date of this release.


Written by Jonathan Jadali

Jonathan Jadali is a American Entrepreneur/Social Media Influencer and the Founder and CEO of a Social Media Marketing and PR agency. Jadali helps companies and individuals get the brand notoriety and recognition they deserve.

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