The Struggle Defines Zeelix and his Music

Zeelix is climbing the billboards

For many artists, life challenges play the biggest role in defining who they become and the music they produce. Canadian rapper and R&B artist Zeelix has followed this same path on his career journey.

He began creating his own music in 2012 and began seriously pursuing a career in the last two years. His past struggles play a large role in the person and rapper he is today.

From a young age, Zeelix experienced the destabilizing force of constant relocation. In a personal interview, he related, “From a very young child, I always moved around a lot. I have many siblings, and we moved from house to house, changing schools and constantly re-adapting.

Finally, I feel in the past year I have been solid, in the same location, where I am able to focus all of my energy on my music.” He also got into music early in life. He was brought up to sing and play the drums through the church, and his musical parents always encouraged him to use his voice.

Zeelix also spoke to one of the most formational and difficult moments that occurred two years ago, right around the time he began seriously pursuing music. He remembers, “There have been many tragic events occur in my life.

I would say one of the hardest, life-changing moments I have experienced was my father passing away from cancer two years ago. This is something I do not think I will ever ‘overcome’ but rather; it opened my eyes to how fragile life is.”

Because he is currently an independent artist, Zeelix mixes and masters all of his own music in a home studio. He has invested a large amount of money in making quality-sounding music and learning to edit, mix and master his songs and videos. This current skill has come through much trial and error.

Finally, Zeelix concluded by expressing the meaning behind his music. “I can truly say hard times made me who I am today. Not many people have attributes nowadays, it is hard to tell if they have a soul or if they are just lost. I believe that there is no such thing as a struggle.

Everything you go through makes you a stronger, smarter person. So, when something challenging happened in my life, I focused on how it is and has made me a stronger person. I have healed and continue to heal through the music I make.”

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Written by Jeremy Morris

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