The Tale of Vishujeet Thakur, the Ace Digital Marketer who Self Learnt From the age of 15

‘The best day to begin your journey is today, the best time is now’

The aforementioned quote stands in stark truth to the life of Vishujeet Thakur, an expert digital marketer who is relishing the perks of starting early in his career. An internet geek, Vishujeet is today a celebrated entrepreneur because of his top notch entrepreneurship skills coupled with the sound sense of what works on the internet and what doesn’t.

He started to explore the web at the age of 15, when his peers were busy playing with their time, he decided to get to know how the web functions, how the different websites and software’s worked and in a short span, he discovered his love for providing digital solutions online.

He self learnt his way to the top and slowly and gradually, began working with prospective clients in India and abroad, as his experience grew, so did his expertise, within a few years, client’s were willing to pay him handsomely for his services, all because of the strong work ethic and expert insights.

Today, he is a pioneering name in the digital marketing industry, not only does he work with many international client’s but he works each day to built his empire in the best ways.

But all this success didn’t come easy, Vishujeet had to trudge uncountable nights and days to self-learn all the concepts and changes in the digital marketing industry. It was for his immense attraction towards the field, that he never gave up, and the legend has it, those who don’t give up, grow up.

Hailing from the Muzaffarnagar area in Uttar Pradesh, he is a dedicated entrepreneur today who has built an empire from scratch. He is not only being hailed for his commendable sense of providing various digital solutions to his elite clientele but has always exceeded the expectations of those who have collaborated with him for various projects. It is because of such impeccable work delivery that Vishujeet continues to build a name that stands out in the crowd.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.