The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Dentists

By 2021, the global dental market is projected to be worth around $37 billion. This shows the importance of dentists in our community because they maintain our oral health. But the question is how are dental practices and finding potential patients who need a dentist?

There are many ways to find patients, but social media marketing is one of the most powerful, here’s why.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Matter For Dentists?

Social media marketing proves a handy tool for dentists in recent years. It is estimated that 77% of patients explore a dentist through different websites and 44% make an appointment with a dentist from their mobile phones. From Facebook to Instagram, every app offers you an opportunity to publish dental-related posts. As a dentist, you can publish content related to your business and get connected with various patients. 

How to go about attracting new patients

There are some tactics to attract new patients to your dentistry business. Firstly, you need to build awareness about your dental products and services. Try to educate your community about your services and diminish misconceptions related to them. Share behind the scenes of the techniques and treatments used at your practice. If you are comfortable with sharing your dental practice videos, go for it!

Key Social Media Tips For Dentists

Here are a few social media tips for dentists:

  1. Use Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter for marketing your dental practice.
  2. Stay consistent and connected with your patients by addressing their queries promptly.
  3. Showcasing articles or blog posts about dental-related content.
  4. Share new procedures and treatments for dental health.
  5. Display branded pictures or videos of yourself and your team. 

Can I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Interested in outsourcing your dental practices social media? Cox Visuals is New Jersey’s premier social media agency and the expert in helping you boost your practices digital footprint on social media. From setting up your profiles and creating professional content to publishing regular posts and engaging with your followers, we do all the heavy lifting. Text “DENTIST” to 908-930-9813 to chat with our social media experts.

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