The Uncertainty of the Wild Holds the WOW factor – Bhasmang

Wildlife photography is widely regarded as one of the most difficult and rewarding genres of photography due to the complex nature of the subject. Animals move, blink, turn their heads, and in some situations, fly away.

Since wildlife photography is based on chance, every perfectly taken photograph leaves a legacy of a thousand missed opportunities. Photographers must be extremely alert to catch that perfect moment.

India’s wildlife is rich and varied. A wide range of flora and fauna can be found on the Indian subcontinent. India has an incredible diversity of wildlife species that live in the country’s diverse terrain. From fierce Royal Bengal Tigers to Asiatic Elephants and endemic Asiatic Lions, India’s 89 national parks, 18 bio-reserves, and more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries are home to a diverse range of species.

Indian wildlife has always attracted photographers from all over the world. India’s sanctuaries and national parks have been a fantastic platform for their work.

One such renowned photographer is Bhasmang Mehta, an industrialist by profession who left a long and successful career in the pharmaceutical sector to pursue his passion for nature and wildlife photography, is now one of India’s most well-known wildlife photographers. Bhasmang Mehta, a naturalist, big cat specialist, and ace wildlife photographer who runs wildlife photography tours across India has and his distinct way of presenting his work.

He blends photography and art to create stunning images with a sentimental mood. His captions, as well as his images, are incredibly beautiful.

Bhasmang and his wife Zankhana founded the company Wildlife Sojourns. They host wildlife photography workshops where participants can gain hands-on experience of wildlife photography. They’ve conducted over 75 photography workshops in 11 national parks across India in the last three years. Bhasmang has inspired and encouraged many people.

He has a large social media following and his work has been published in prestigious magazines such as Lonely Planet, Bombay Natural History Society, and several others.

Bhasmang Mehta believes that the importance of wildlife photography is much greater than most of us know. Whether intentional or not, their work serves as a visual illustration of the far larger cause of wildlife conservation.

Several animal species are on the verge of extinction. Recording these animals helps educate the people about problems that inevitably throw the environment out of control.

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