The Underground Sneaker Market’s Secrets Exposed

The little-known world of sneaker reselling has how reached a colossal $2 billion, and is expected to continue growing into the future. With an underground market this big, it’s no wonder people like Brandon Webb are capitalizing on it.

Webb is the founder of Hypluxe, a members-only community that has been dispensing the secrets of this massive secondary market for limited-edition sneakers. At just 21, this young entrepreneur has seen extraordinary success already.

Perhaps his biggest achievement to date is creating Galaxsio. This is an exclusive software he coded that allows his clients to get their hands on thousands of pairs of limited-edition sneakers at retail prices. Then, they can get 10x returns on their investment due to the insatiable thirst for these sneakers. This has made Webb and his clients very successful.

Webb was something of a visionary from the beginning. He already saw the potential within the sneaker market years ago and noticed there was an opportunity to make an immense amount of money hacking the system, so to speak.

Back in high school, Webb took a few hundred dollars he had from some of his first sneaker sales and reinvested them back into buying more. However, this manual method of buying shoes at retail and selling them was very time-consuming. With competition increasing, he decided to put his computer programming skills to use. This would end up changing everything.

Once he had his program buying up massive quantities of inventory within mere seconds, the challenges he faced of competing with others to snag a few pairs of shoes was over. His software was buying up massive amounts of shoes before anyone knew what was going on.

As the years went by, he would end up taking on other resellers as his clients. Brandon began providing access to his proprietary software that allowed them to scale their own sneaker reselling businesses.

Today, Galaxsio is an incredibly powerful tool that has given people like him and his clients an edge over the competitor in this zero-sum game. He now enjoys having clients all over the world who are making a great deal of money.

Webb was always interested in luxury fashion. That is why it was a natural step to take towards limited-edition sneaker reselling once he became aware of the opportunity. It intersected with his love of computer programming to deliver something that would launch him on a path of immense success.

Due to the nature of what he does, Webb admits that he’s constantly playing a game of cat-and-mouse. However, he and his team always manage to find a way around obstacles and resolve any challenges standing in their way to enjoy the extraordinarily high returns that are possible in the secondary underground sneaker market.

You can learn more about Galaxio by heading over to the official website. You can also follow Galaxio’s Twitter page @galaxio to see some of the latest success stories. Find out about Hypluxe here and follow Brandon on Instagram @brandonswebb.

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