This Copywriting Service Can Elevate Your Small Business

If you’re getting your small business off the ground and you can’t write copy (even if your life depends on it,) What Shan Wrote has your back! She offers her services to small business owners who need a voice for their beauty, wellness, and fashion companies and she serves copy that truly sells. 

Shan has a huge heart and she weaponizes her personality so you can use it against other companies in the industry. She’s a kick-ass marketer who doesn’t speak like your regular marketer, as she understands that people don’t respond to soulless, salesy copy. What do people respond to, then? They respond to connection. 

“People respond to content that’s valuable, down-to-earth, easy to read, and someone who understands what they need,” Shan explains. All of that explains who Shan is, which is why What Shan Wrote has been so successful. She’s truly disrupting the industry by choosing to show her personality instead of burying it under professionalism. 

What Shan Wrote will give your small business a unique voice that people will enjoy listening to. She will humanize your brand to such a point that people will feel like they’re speaking to a friend, a sister, someone they deeply trust. Shan uses her deep understanding of the English language and the power of words to craft a message that people will respond to. 

Through her words and her love, she will show people why your products are something they need in their life. Her deep knowledge of what people respond to allows her to create a strong connection between your brand and your audience, which will last forever as long as you take care of it. 

In this day and age, it’s not just about having a great product. A great product is nothing if no one knows about it, if no one can feel connected to it. That’s why Shan focuses on creating content and copy that will elevate your brand and make it recognizable. 

She has already helped so many small businesses grow with her strategic content marketing and copywriting skills. You can be part of the family too! Just ask yourself this: do you want your business to convert? Do you want people to respond to your products? Do you want to build long-lasting relationships with customers? Do you want to create a community? 

If the answer is yes (as it should be), What Shan Wrote can help you do that. Businesswomen in the beauty, wellness, and fashion industries who have worked with Shan have nothing but brilliant things to say because she is that good at her job. She will help you tap into your brand’s personality and bring it to life so you can connect, converse, and convert effortlessly.

What Shan Wrote offers amazing services and they’re unlike anything else you’ve encountered before. Her words stand out and they will make your target audience feel heard and cared for, which is exactly what people want. Grow your business the right way with Shan’s help!

If you want to learn more about Shan & What Shan Wrote, head over to her Instagram or visit her website.

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