This Time Will Pass Too : Santy Sharma

With Plethora of Music to be created Rapper and Singer Santy Sharma is stuck due to the pandemic to release his Music Video his fans are eagerly waiting for.

Covid19 has hit bad and the music industry too is feeling the pinch. Many Music albums and recordings are stranded due to the pandemic and musicians are facing the heat.

Rapper and Singer Santy Sharma was all set to launch his music album (unnamed) which delayed due to this pandemic. His fans are disappointed and are eagerly waiting for the release.

They say his songs and raps have a spicy aroma which hits them hard to tune to his music. Killin which is based on Hip-Hop scene is enjoyed by his fans.
Santy in his inimitable style rapped the lyrics below and conveyed his intense desire to rap for his fans.
“Do kadam tu piche hatt
Duriya banaye rakh
Main Music leke aunga
Tu Housla Badhaye rakh”.

Previously Santy Sharma has launched his own Official website where he has shared many things about his Musical Career & Experience.

“I’m eager to give you all more, but tied up due to the Pandemic. Music is my heart and Rapping my Passion. I would be back with a bang”, is the message given by Santy Santy to his fans.

Till then you can enjoy Santy’s music on

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