Three Of My Favorite AI Artists (Analysis and Showcase)

Welcome to the intersection of art and artificial intelligence (AI)! Our digital age has given rise to a new breed of artists who are harnessing the power of AI to create compelling masterpieces.

Today, we’ll delve into the portfolios of three such AI artists I’ve been following on Twitter for the past few months. We’ll explore their unique art styles and analyze some of their most captivating pieces.

For this article, I’ll choose two of my favorite images (not easy) created by each digital artist and then break down the description of the image and the art style used.

(The chosen pieces in no way represent the full work of each artist. Their work is varied and brilliant, and I highly recommend scrolling their entire Twitter feed).

Chet Bliss (@chetbff)

Chet…err…Mr. Bliss..? Not sure what to call him but one of my favorite things is how you get small glimpses into his personal life through his art and Twitter posts. The glimpses are small enough not to know everything, but enough to piece together your own version of what his life might look like. His varied style tells me he is a man with many various interests, which is a great way to keep life interesting. Whether he is talking about Mustard Wizards or possibly, maybe, one day talking the significant other into letting him get a Harley, his account is sure to please.

Favorite Images and Analysis

From the “Gross” collection:

The art style of the image can be described as “hyper-realistic horror.” It showcases a detailed and lifelike portrayal of a grotesque and terrifying figure, with a focus on intricate textures, visceral details, and atmospheric lighting. The use of sharp contrasts and the emphasis on the wetness and glistening surfaces further heighten the eeriness of the depiction, making it appear almost tangible and vividly unsettling.

From the Mustard Wizard 2nd collection:

The art style of this image is best described as abstract whimsy with a touch of surrealism. The main character, with its exaggerated tall yellow hat and flowing robe, is both endearing and mysterious. The bright, bold yellows contrast dramatically with the muted grays, creating a visually striking dichotomy.

Brush strokes are visible, lending a hand-painted feel and texture that exudes warmth and organic charm. The undulating patterns of the terrain seem to mirror the form of the cloaked figure, suggesting a profound connection between the character and its surroundings. Tiny flecks of white and yellow, scattered across the terrain like confetti or stars, add a touch of magic and wonder to the scene. The overall composition is a delightful blend of simplicity and complexity, eliciting feelings of curiosity and nostalgia.

poopypants (@poopsiepants94)

I haven’t been following poopypants as long as Chet Bliss, but wow, when I first saw her work on Twitter I was blown away. Her style is difficult to describe, but she uses the characters she creates to portray her moods things she is dealing with in her life. I can’t decide if her characters are gross, weird, fantastic, scary, or all of the above. Either way, I just want to stare at the images she is making…truly incredible.

Favorite Images and Analysis

The image exudes a distinctive vintage allure, reminiscent of 1970s fashion and editorial photography. It has a dreamy, cinematic quality where the woman’s attire contrasts starkly with the age-worn gravestones and the skeletal figure beside her. This juxtaposition of life, beauty, and mortality is a prominent theme. The color palette, comprising deep greens and desaturated gold, infuses the composition with a muted, timeless ambiance. Such hues, alongside the soft lighting that casts gentle shadows, echo the photographic techniques of yesteryears, further cementing its retro aesthetic. The overall scene feels both eerie and elegant, blending fashion with an evocative narrative.

The image exhibits a striking blend of surrealism and hyper-realism. The central figure, an alien creature, is rendered with meticulous detail, from its glistening tears to the subtle texture and imperfections of its skin. Such precision heightens the emotional depth and tangible presence of the character. The backdrop, a serene forest setting, further envelops the scene with a dreamy ambiance. Rich, saturated greens juxtapose against the earthy browns and reflective water, creating a harmonious color palette that balances the eerie and the natural. A soft, diffused light filters through the trees, adding a sense of tranquility and mystique. The style masterfully blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, resulting in an evocative and immersive visual narrative.

splarg (@splargdotcom)

I’ve been following splarg for less time than poopypants, but again, the images being made are incredible. I have no idea if it’s straight AI, or a combination of tools, although I’m inclined to believe the latter. These images aren’t for the faint of heart, which is exactly how I like it. In my opinion, the pieces splarg is making epitomize AI and digital art; creepy, funny, gross, mysterious, strange, incredible, and a whole lotta puke – perfection.

Favorite Images and Analysis

The image exudes a distinct retro-horror aesthetic, reminiscent of vintage photographs from the mid to late 20th century. It utilizes a slightly washed-out color palette, with faded hues of browns, oranges, and muted greens. The ambiance is further accentuated by the evident grain and noise in the photo, harkening back to older photographic methods. The juxtaposition of familiar, nostalgic elements like the old television and camera, alongside the grotesque and unsettling figure with tentacle-like formations for a head, creates an atmosphere of unease and intrigue. The placement of mundane items in the background, such as the mounted deer head and family portraits, contrasts sharply with the otherworldly figure, adding to the surreality of the composition. The overall style skillfully marries vintage photographic tones with elements of horror and surrealism.

This composition is a striking blend of horror and psychedelic aesthetics. The dominating presence of the extraterrestrial creature, with its intricate detailing and unsettling physicality, evokes feelings of unease and intrigue. The deliberate choice of a vibrant color palette, predominantly featuring rich pinks, purples, and teals, injects a surreal atmosphere into the scene, further emphasizing the alien nature of the creature. The image carries a dreamlike quality, achieved through the interplay of contrasting elements: the eeriness of the creature against the somewhat serene, albeit desolate, landscape. The use of grain and color wash gives an impression reminiscent of vintage photography, adding a layer of nostalgia. This style masterfully combines the terror of the unknown with a mesmerizing visual appeal, creating a visually rich and emotionally evocative tableau.


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