Three Reasons to be Cautions With Crypto Investment, From Tatiana Koffman

With interest rates soaring and billions more US dollars being printed since the pandemic hit in 2020, investors are on the lookout now more than ever for the next big thing – and in particular for the best crypto to invest in 2022.

For Forbes columnist and former Linkin Park venture capitalist, Tatiana Koffman, the answer is clear: invest in what you want to, but remain cautious about most crypto investments.

Why? Read on for her analysis…

Here are Tatiana’s top three reasons to think carefully about your next crypto investment


From my extensive research of the best crypto to invest in, I can see that many projects are considerably overvalued – even at the lower prices we see right now. It may sound surprising, considering its 50% fall this year, but Bitcoin is extremely undervalued globally – and yet it could easily become a $1,000,000 asset by 2027. We could be looking at a goldmine without even knowing it.


Crypto is enormously powerful, but it is not an investment path to follow blindly. I make it a point to advise my clients they must invest in whatever makes sense to them, in their investment portfolio. As long as you think carefully about your investment and then try not to overanalyze it as it grows, you will be a successful investor. Don’t forget that every investment comes with risk, as well as yield.


With rising inflation, there is no doubt a big post-pandemic push happening, but I don’t recommend you read too much into the hype. As I have mentioned above, the answer for me continues to lie in Bitcoin, despite its recent $35,000 fall. Ultimately, despite many people looking for the best long term crypto investments, I can see that with short-term investments in strong tokens, there is more room for flexibility and the ability to withstand changes.


During her illustrious career so far, Koffman has written a popular Forbes Crypto column and operated in Venture Capital investments for celebrities such as Grammy-award-winning The Chainsmokers and Linkin Park.

Koffman started out at TD Bank in Toronto, Canada, and she has a JD/MBA from York University as well as being a member of the New York State Bar.

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