Three Ways Ninad Tipnis’ Workplace Design Inspires Greatness

Imagine waking up every day in an environment that genuinely inspires you, naturally evokes your best work, and attracts the best employees, clients, suppliers, and partners. What would you be able to create, accomplish, and be in a space that reflects who you are, and what you want to be seen as? A space that represents you like your own DNA… 

Ninad Tipnis is a vanguard who’s thinking differently about design, productivity, and collaboration. He’s created something special called “The Thriving Workplace.” These strategically optimized environments are at the intersection of art, science, meditation, architecture, high performance, agility, creativity, and impact… and they’re commissioned by visionary leaders of values-driven and legacy-focused organizations around the world.

Tipnis and his team at JTCPL Designs are currently working on a half-million square feet of bespoke Thriving Workplaces for some of the largest, most profitable corporations in the world, including the offices of BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank in India, Emirates, Bank of China, and a global top five asset management company. 

Why is a Thriving Workplace so important to Tipnis and the business families and industry leaders who commission him? He says it’s his life’s mission — and the culmination of the last two decades of his life — to infuse joy in the business journey. 

Tipnis shared three concrete ways a Thriving Workplace inspires organizational greatness.

1. Attracts the Best Talent

If you were the founder of a company, what would you need more than anything else to be successful? “Most business owners would say it’s attracting the clients of your dreams,” Tipnis told me. “It’s making the workplace a talent magnet that attracts the smartest team members and having an environment that inspires them — not just from the moment they walk through the door, but from the moment they welcome the day. That is the kind of image imprinted in the minds of everybody associated with the workplace. If you’re an investor, you would feel that this workplace is an extension of who you are, your values, and your aspirations.”

One of Tipnis’ clients, Fractal Analytics, helps organizations like Google, Visa, and Wells Fargo make better decisions. Their algorithms influence multibillion-dollar decisions, and their workplace had to embody this depth and detail to attract top talent — from the C-suite down. “When the leaders walk through the Fractal Analytics doors, they want to feel magic, they want to feel that X factor,” said Tipnis. “That this is a place to collaborate, connect, and create.” 

Photo Credit: Fractal Analytics © JTCPL Designs

Photo Credit: Fractal Analytics © JTCPL Designs

2. Amplifies Client Relationships

Tipnis’ approach to doing business is remarkable. He calls his clients Patrons, honoring the artisanal approach for each project and the deep relationships forged with company founders and key representatives from multigenerational family offices. 

For example, when Tipnis designed the 70,000-square-foot Mumbai hub of jewelry exporter KBS, he worked with representatives from three generations of the family to align their values, principles, and intentions for the space. 

It’s now a landing space for key clients when they arrive in India, and celebrates the surrounding geography and culture.

Photo Credit: KBS Diamonds © JTCPL Designs

Photo Credit: KBS Diamonds © JTCPL Designs

Imagine if your workplace were a showcase of your culture, talent and values — a work of functional art that your best clients, vendors and key relationships can experience?

3. Inspires Your Best Work

Tipnis is highly inspired by Michelangelo’s statue of David. His design process is similar to Michelangelo’s method of gradually chipping the excess marble away to unravel the masterpiece he imagined within.

This is apparent in the Thriving Workplace designed for Matrix Partners. Located in the most expensive real estate in Mumbai (and possibly the region), this founders-focused headquarters had to be resonant with the leadership of Matrix’s portfolio companies, which include Canva, Hubspot, Oculus, Ola, Quora and Zendesk. 

Photo Credit: Matrix Partners © JTCPL Designs

A signature wall in the space has quotes and faces of some of the world’s most renowned founders: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Mark Zuckerberg. 

“When heroes are present,” explained Tipnis, “people behave as if they’re being watched by heroes. They’re inspired by them. Imagine if every person in your workplace vibrated at their best frequency every day. These are the kinds of conversations we have when we’re creating these spaces.”

Photo Credit: Matrix Partners © JTCPL Designs

To Tipnis, a Thriving Workplace is so much more than design and architecture: it’s a living team member who performs at a peak level from Day 1. He applies a deep psychology to each space, focusing on flow, productivity, and enhancing every individual in the organization on a physical, spiritual and emotional basis. It’s more of a symphony than it is architecture. And the core element of the magic is the patron.

It takes a lot of guts, and an ironclad reputation, to operate as Tipnis does, not compromising his values and standards for who he works with, as many other business owners do. 

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