Thriving in Tough Times: TrustMySystem Comes Out On Top Thanks To Brothers Zain and Farhaz Kheraj

In pre-pandemic times, the world of sports betting and consulting could have been described as quite a niche area. Enjoyed by sports enthusiasts placing small to medium bets and fanatics and financial risk-takers making larger bets, the success of companies like TrustMySystem has shown that more people are moving out of their comfort zones and using their love of sports to make some much-needed money.

While TrustMySystem advises clients on the numbers and odds based on that season, it differs from other betting sites in that it offers complete honesty and transparency. It doesn’t promise unlimited riches. It doesn’t advise clients on every game. Instead, people can opt-in for certain packages and receive text messages, emails, or app notifications about plays in games that show the biggest advantage.

After game day, TrustMySystem posts the results, good and bad, on Instagram. Every team and player has bad days and TrustMySystem is open about the not-so-good days, although these are few and far between.

The company is the brainchild of two brothers: Zain and Farhaz Kheraj. They grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and initially followed a traditional career path. They excelled in school and both ended up at successful multinational companies. After working there for a few years, they started TrustMySystem. Buoyed by the success of the business and realizing that they needed to dedicate more time to it, they left their five-figure salaries to pursue their passion.

TrustMySystem’s success is due to several factors, many of which can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs in their own businesses. First, it combines Zain and Farhaz’s hobbies and interests. Both brothers have always been awed by numbers. TrustMySystem uses previous and current data to create predictive algorithms. The brothers also love sports, so they centered these algorithms on everything from football and basketball to soccer, table tennis, and golf.

The company values transparency and customer service. Farhaz has stated that they try to get back to their customers as soon as possible, setting a waiting time target of no longer than 10 minutes.

Zain and Farhaz took a risk when they started TrustMySystem. While they enjoyed the components that went into it, they didn’t have much experience in the sports consulting and betting industry. Their leap of faith paid off, and it speaks to one of TrustMySystem’s most prominent mottos: “The real cost isn’t losing. It’s sitting on the sidelines not participating.”

To start participating, or even just find out more information about the Kheraj brothers and their business, you can follow them on Instagram at TrustMySystem.

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