Top 16 Powerful Instavast Alternatives

With so many Instagram-boosting services available today, it can be difficult to choose one that’s safe, reliable, and compliant with Instagram’s terms of service. Tools like Instavast are popular among Instagrammers, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ve come to the right place. 

These sixteen powerful Instavast alternatives are available online and will help you boost your follower count and your page’s legitimacy. Increase your standing and visibility by using one of these sixteen tools to boost your numbers. 

1. YoViral

YoViral understands the importance of generating real likes and views for an Instagram page, so that’s exactly what the service offers for you. Don’t take the risk of your account being flagged, deleted, or penalized by Instagram. YoViral will provide you with people who will be interested in your content and will actively engage with it. Nothing can beat that. 

Once you upload content, your likes and views will be sent to the post within 30 seconds, ensuring the maximum amount of exposure for your post and your page. With real people behind your content, the growth opportunities are truly endless. The service is used by some of the largest brands and influencers on the site, so sign up today to join the ranks of the successful. 

Set up is easy. Simply enter your username, choose a plan, and watch the growth happen before your eyes.

2. ViralRace

ViralRace offers a legitimate solution to your followers and likes needs. Instead of using fake accounts and bots to help boost your numbers, the service offers 100% real Instagram users who are active on the platform. Your content or products are already known to these users, and they’ve already shown an interest in similar content. This helps ensure you’ll get followers, likes, and real engagement from humans, not bots. Having real people behind your content or products is crucial to a successful page, and ViralRace understands this. 

Choosing users who already predisposed to enjoy your content helps ViralRace provide you with followers and likes quicker than other services since you’re not using a “blanket” method; which is essentially just advertising or DMing random people in the hopes they’ll enjoy your content. A more focused approach will always yield better results! With ViralRace, you can choose instant delivery for fast overnight growth, or a more natural-looking growth pattern by having your likes and followers delivered gradually over time. 

When you post content, likes will be delivered so your content grows quickly in popularity. Reach that coveted discovery page quicker with better targeting and a more focused approach to growing your Instagram status.

ViralRace is already used by businesses and influencers looking to boost brand recognition, attract brand deals, and reach a wider audience. Give it a try today, and start taking your Instagram page to the next level. 

3. Upleap 

If you’ve spent any time searching for places to boost your Instagram account, you’ve probably come across Upleap at least once. Upleap is a popular platform that provides high-quality likes, page views, and followers to your Instagram account. Using a dedicated account manager, the service takes a more personalized approach to grow your page. You’ll get helpful advice and guidance, and your account manager will interact with your followers and potential followers to increase your reputation and reach. 

With a dedicated account manager, you’re not leaving your account at the mercy of AI. Although AI is certainly a powerful tool when it comes to growing a social media page, it’s not the only tool, and nothing can beat a human touch when it comes to interacting with followers. Try Upleap today for free (3-day trial) with no credit card required. 

4. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is another popular option for boosting your Instagram account and for Instagram analytics. The platform has served over one million Instagram users since its founding in 2013 and continues to grow and garner a lot of attention with its services. Whether you’re looking for followers, likes, page views, or all three, Mr. Insta can deliver quick results. Sign up is quick and easy; you simply log in, activate a plan, follow the provided instructions, and watch your account grow from there! 

Within a few minutes, you’ll start receiving new followers and likes within minutes. After about 24 hours, you can log in again and start the process over. You can repeat the process for continued growth of your Instagram account. Simple, quick, and effective, Mr. Insta offers an Instagram service you must try.

If you’re operating on other platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest, Mr. Insta also offers premium services to help boost your profiles across all social media platforms. 

5. MediaBooster

With a seven-day free trial, you can try out this awesome Instagram growth tool to boost your followers and reach your goal of becoming an influencer on the platform. With thousands of influencers already established on Instagram, it can be challenging and even a little intimidating to try to reach that coveted status, but with MediaBooster, you’ll have a tool that can help. 

Don’t waste your time trying to interact manually and grow your account the old-fashioned way; use MediaBooster automatic recruiting, smart filtering, and more. 

Set up only takes a few minutes, and you’ll start seeing results in just a few hours’ time. Don’t wait around for services that take weeks or months when you can get results in less than a day with MediaBooster. You’ll be able to expand your audience, interact better with your followers, and grow your page at a rate you’ll absolutely love. 

6. Ampfluence

This Instagram growth service doesn’t operate on bots, fake accounts, or gimmicks-just 100% real certifiable Instagram growth. Looking to expand your followers? Get more likes on your posts? How about more views?

Ampfluence can help you out with all three, and then some. You’ll start with a personalized consultation to see what your page actually needs to succeed. A more personalized service will yield better results, and you’ll gain a better understanding of who your target audience is and how to reach them. 

Working together with Ampfluence, your account will grow and prosper like never before. You’ll even get access to personalized measurements of your account’s growth, so you can be certain the service you’ve chosen is creating the desired effect. Don’t mess around with bots and fake accounts; try Ampfluence for 100% real organic Instagram growth. 

7. Famoid

This service is for Instagrammers, Facebookers, and more. This all-in-one social media management platform can help you manage and grow all of your pages. So far, the page boasts over fifty-three million followers provided to its clients, along with millions of likes and thousands of successfully resolved issues. Famoid takes its customer service seriously, so if you ever have an issue, it will be addressed quickly and accurately. 

If you’re not sure about Famoid, just take a look at their customer reviews. The service truly puts the customer first, as you’ll see in the dozens of testimonials from happy customers. Take your social media to the next level no matter what platform you operate on! Famoid is here to help with all of your social media needs. 

8. Socialfollow

Featured in the New York Post, Social Media Explorer, and Product Hunt, Socialfollow is an Instagram tool that offers up to 1,000 free followers on the social media platform. With a 4.89/5 star average rating, 2,000 followers on average provided per account, and 2.3 million followers generated since the service started, it’s safe to say that Socialfollow knows a little something about boosting Instagram accounts. 

Socialfollow currently serves over 10,000 active Instagram accounts, and their clients keep coming back for more. The service is effective and completely free. You’ll just need your email and Instagram username to get started, and then you’ll be on your way to Instagram stardom.

9. Certifiedlikes

Certifiedlikes serves a global community of Instagram users over 250,000 strong. That’s right, a quarter of a million people trust Certifiedlikes for their Instagram growth needs. The service is safe, reliable, and incredibly easy to use.

Backed by a team of Instagram experts, the service takes its own approach to the social media platform. If you’re curious just how Certifiedlikes does things, you can try out a $3 test order today. 

10. Skweezer

Skweezer offers real Instagram followers with instant delivery and even services like comments, likes, and page views. You can purchase a follower package for just $7, with delivery in 1-5 minutes! It’s that simple. Looking for Instagram likes instead? Packages start at just $15, and can be delivered instantly to your account and posts. Skweezer cuts through all of the extra red tape and gets right to the point: delivering high-quality Instagram growth at the click of a button. 

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to generate Instagram growth, you’ve found it with Skweezer. You’ll only ever receive real followers from the service, as 100% real and organic growth is simply irreplaceable. Your page will look and feel much more legitimate with real people behind it. 

11. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is another all-in-one social media platform for growing your presence across several channels. Whether you’re strictly an Instagrammer or use sites like Facebook and YouTube as well, Instafollowers can help grow your brand and your online presence. You can purchase followers, likes, and much more with Instafollowers, and you’ll get 24/7 customer support with any order you place. 

Delivery is usually instant or otherwise quick, and you’ll never have to worry about spam accounts, fakes, or bots clogging up your followers list. 

12. Instapromote

Looking to buy Instagram views, followers, or likes for your page? Instapromote is a simple web-based service that will provide just that. Choose your package and you’ll get instant delivery straight to your Instagram account. Watch your followers grow before your eyes, or get more likes on your posts than ever before. 

Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend all of their time growing their Instagram account. It’s tedious, repetitive, and quite frankly boring. Services like Instapromote take the hassle out of Instagram growth and make things much simpler. 100 followers start at just $2.95, and you can purchase up to 2,500 followers for $24.95. 

13. Buzzvoice

Buzzvoice offers instant delivery of Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views. The sign up process is simple, and you can even get other services for Facebook, Twitter, and more with Buzzvoice. All you need is your username, and from there, you choose your package and watch your account grow. You can pay via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Credit Card directly on the website. 

The site carries a 4.6/5 star average review, so its previous customers are certainly happy with their service. You can purchase anywhere from 50 followers to 10,000 followers, and Buzzvoice offers some great prices starting at just $2.97 for 50 followers.

14. Instaboostgram

With Instaboostgram, you can purchase up to 5,000 followers for your Instagram account. This package will run you about $40 but is one of the most affordable as far as buying followers go. 

Real, active Instagram followers will follow your page, never bots or fake accounts. You can rest peacefully knowing your account is being followed by actual people and not jeopardized by bots and fake accounts. 

15. Gramiety

This LA-based Instagram growth service is one of the best and most legitimate on the market. With over 3,000 users in 184 countries, the service has made a name for itself in the Instagram boosting world and has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Variety. Sign up takes only about a minute, and you’ll get a personalized Instagram strategy to help boost your page. 

16. Buzzoid

With over twenty-five million likes already delivered in recent years, Buzzoid has grown since its founding to become one of the most widely-used Instagram-boosting platforms on the web. With instant delivery and competitive prices, Buzzoid is a great resource for businesses and influencers alike looking to boost their presence. 

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