Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers of 2017


Being a platform that tends to share unconventional wisdom, the team at Influencive thought it only made sense to showcase a group of extraordinary professionals that are influencing others around the world in various ways.

These people are all doing amazing things and they are all Influencive; or as most people like to call them “influencers”. This is an official Influencive group of influencers that we are honored to call our own, and showcase to our community and everyone around the world.

Being an influencer can mean many things but it really comes down to being someone who actually influences others’ decisions. It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about what you do with your following, and how others react to your content.

That’s the main criteria we used to select this highly touted group of impressive people from around the world. This list wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our amazing partners Lyfe Tea and Cisco Webex and all the great people that applied to be a part of this. We greatly appreciate your support so thank you!

We hope this list of individuals inspire you to dream big but influence you to start working towards your dreams. Anything in life is attainable if you have the proper mindset and work ethic. Which is shown through the influencers you will meet below.

Mark Lack

Mark is a personal branding superstar that needs no introduction. Mark is Founder, CEO of Shorten The Gap and has interviewed over 500 of the top business moguls and entrepreneurs of as host of TV show Business Rockstars. Interviewing people like Shark Tank investor Daymond John and billionaire Tillman Fertitta. Mark has also shared the stage with people like Tony Robbins and Mark Cuban. 

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Marquis Trill


Marquis is the definition of an influencer. Someone that got into the social media game early on and has worked with megastars like The Kardashians and Drake just to name a few. He also has over 4 million followers on Twitter and 3 million on Instagram. Trill is the founder of marketing agency Entertainment258 and he’s also known for his popular song called “Hit the Dab” that has racked up over 6 million views on Youtube.

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Erik Huberman


Erik is someone you should take note of, he’s been making waves in the business space for many years now with achievements like selling two previous companies, being selected as a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30, and then most recently having his company Hawke Media being named an Inc. 500 company. Huberman is someone you can find all over social media or live speaking on stage at leading industry conferences.

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Brandon Adams

Brandon has produced and funded a new reality TV show called Ambitious Adventures, he’s held a top live event in Iowa for millennial entrepreneurs two years in a row, helped crowdfund Think and Grow Rich The Legacy an upcoming movie about Napoleon Hill’s infamous book, Think & Grow Rich. Oh and he also founded Live to Grind and just released a new print magazine called Accelerant for entrepreneurs.

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John Hall

How many of you reading this are looking to get yourself or company featured in your industry more prominently? John Hall and his business Influence & Co are one of the top companies to help with this. Hall is also a best-selling author and a regular on the speaking circuit as he is highly sought after delivering engaging talks to thousands of people every year. Hall educates businesses on how valuable content marketing is and why your business needs it.

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Jeremy Slate


Jeremy is someone that has exploded onto the podcast scene with a bang racking up over 200,000 downloads in under a year. He’s been able to connect and interview with other influencive people like Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, and former NFL star Steve Weatherington. He also co-founded Get Featured with fellow influencer Daniel Gefen where they have built a podcasting PR agency together.

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Scott Oldford


How Scott got to where he is today is super inspiring to say the least and he’s another example of how we all can achieve anything in life no matter where we are. Oldford was in $726,000 worth of debt but was able to dig himself out and go onto building several 7-figure businesses. He now takes what he learned from his experiences and teaches and inspires tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs and people every day. 

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Jason Stone


An inspiring individual who started his entrepreneurial journey selling car parts on eBay. Stone then became a mechanical engineer and later ventured into becoming one of the top Instagram influencers on the planet with a following of over 2 million people under the name @Millionaire_Mentor, while also continuing to invest and run multiple other businesses.

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Chris Preston


One of those early adopters of Instagram, Preston is influencing and educating people every day with his huge accounts on Instagram. Success Diaries has over 450,000 followers currently, with his total across all pages over 1 million. Chris is also helping other businesses and leaders create massive impact and build big followings on Instagram. Preston is someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes social media every day. A true definition of an influencer.

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Cherie Aimee


Easily one of the most inspiring and influencive people on this list. Cherie is a cancer and near-death survivor that is now influencing and inspiring thousands of people every day she is able to take a breath. Cherie lives every moment to the fullest and coaches, speaks, and teaches others that we must take advantage of every day and not take anything for granted. Cherie is a must-follow influencer that is taking the online world by storm.

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Gallant Dill


An entrepreneur that is making a difference through the hundreds of thousands of people he influences every day through his Facebook groups and clients that he consults. He has one of the top inspirational entrepreneur groups on Facebook with over 80,000 members called Entrepreneur Lifestyle Group.   


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Daniel Wallock


Daniel has risen up the online marketing scene in a hurry. He’s growth hacking his way around Twitter and Facebook while delivering excellent results for his clients. Daniel was someone that recently came out from behind the scenes in marketing and has a great personal brand that grows and influences people daily. –


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Avi Arya


Avi is an international sensation that hails from India and is making a huge impact around the world. He hosts a regular vlog on Youtube where he interviews leading entrepreneurs from around the world sharing their wisdom and inspiring others to build their own businesses. Avi is the CEO of leading digital agency Internet Moguls in India where he manages a team of over 100 people. You can also find him speaking around the world on digital marketing.

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Darren Casey


Darren is someone that is physically and mentally changing and influencing people’s lives in a positive way. He is one of the top online fitness and performance coaches in the world that works with top entrepreneurs and executives in their field. Casey is influencing others on the inside and outside.

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Zach Benson


What do millennial entrepreneurs and influencers like to do? Travel! Zach is someone that is blowing up on Instagram and traveling the world doing amazing things and having fun in the process. He’s a former contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance” that is now focused on inspiring others to do big things and grow huge communities on Instagram with his business Assistagram.Us.

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Valen Vergara


A Canadian entrepreneur that is taking the real estate industry by storm. He’s developed a top real estate educational organization in his hometown of Winnipeg called TeamMade Real Estate that organizes events and coaches interested parties in real-estate investing. Valen has also helped create the Young Entrepreneurs Society, which is arguably one of the top millennial entrepreneur networking groups currently online.

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Josh King-Madrid


A millennial influencer who at the age of 19 has created a tight-knit group of millennial entrepreneurs under his brand Team Jet Set that are creating successful businesses and having fun doing millennial things. Josh is focused on educating and inspiring others to follow their dreams and live the life they want to live.

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Dennis Brown


Someone that has been utilizing LinkedIn the way it’s supposed to be used, to build businesses, and network with other professionals. Dennis is a leading LinkedIn trainer and thought-leader that has secured his businesses multiple 8-figures in sales through his work on LinkedIn. Very impressive to say the least and he also happens to be a 7x Inc. 500 entrepreneur.

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Luis Congdon


Luis has exploded onto the podcast scene with his podcast Thriving Launch, interviewing inspiring people like JP Sears and Jack Canfield and gaining over 200,000 downloads of his podcast in the process. He also has one of the biggest groups on Facebook dedicated solely to podcasters where he enjoys teaching and educating others on how to start a podcast and build a business and following on Facebook.

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Daniel Gefen

A serial entrepreneur that semi-retired at the age of 31 after building a business that would run itself that still runs today. Gefen is also a podcaster with his show “Can I Pick Your Brain?” racking up over 100,000 downloads and interviewing billionaire Jeff Hoffman in the process. He’s also a co-founder with fellow Influencer list recipient Jeremy Slate at Get Featured; a podcasting PR agency.

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Dan Kuschell


Dan is someone that is focused on impact rather than profit. He’s a business growth expert with over 20 years experience that has his work impacting hundreds of thousands of people through his books, consulting, speaking and videos he creates. Kuschell has worked with leaders and top executives in 38 countries around the world.

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Tommy Baker


Tommy has rapidly become an influencer with a very engaged audience on Facebook and created a movement around “Resisting to be Average”. Tommy is a digital marketer and podcaster that helps others step out of their comfort zone and achieve things in their life they didn’t know were attainable. Baker originally hails from Colombia and is a very avid fitness and health nut that wants to show others that health truly is wealth.

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Kyle Brost


Kyle is quickly becoming a powerhouse within the thought leadership space with his business building skills and in-person influence he impacts people with. Brost is a 5x entrepreneur, author, coach, and consultant that genuinely wants to help others succeed in business and their life like he has. This experience has led him into transforming hundreds of individuals and organizations.

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Carey Bentley


Is a real-life digital nomad that lives in different places around the world for 3 months at a time with her husband. They run an online coaching and consulting business that teaches others productivity skills and ways to live a lifestyle with personal freedom.  Also hosting the Lifehack Summit 2017 recently that reached thousands of people around the world and gave them an opportunity to learn from top business moguls like Dan Martell and Lewis Howes.

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Stephen De La Cruz


Is a man of many accomplishments and a real source of inspiration. Having founded several successful 7-figure businesses, Stephen suffered a stroke in 2015 that would lead him into creating daily content and speaking on stage to teach and inspire others to learn from him. He dedicated himself from this point forward to be a teacher and advisor to other entrepreneurs and businesses and is changing peoples’ lives daily.

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*Disclaimer: All people on this list submitted an application to be considered a part of this group. The names of people listed were selected by the editing team of Influencive. 

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