Top 3 Life Saving PDFbear Features That Will Solve Your File Managing Problems

The world as we know it has indeed changed drastically; it is now far from how it used to be many years ago. In this age, doing essential tasks can be pretty straightforward, one click on the buttons of our laptops and our mobile phones’ screen and all our jobs are done. All thanks to the power of technology, doing all our tasks can be hassle-free and efficient.

But just because we are using technology doesn’t mean it will go smoothly. We are all aware that technology is made by humans, so it is expected that we experience flaws when using them. One example is the stressful and time-consuming process of managing computer files. It good thing PDFBear will solve your problems with file managing in just a few minutes.

Privacy and Security

In real life, we do everything to protect our privacy and security. Some would hire bodyguards, and some would bring guardians with them all the time because we are aware that the world that we are living in today is not safe; the same thing goes with our computer files.

Although the advanced technology that we have today has a significant impact on our lives, it still has its disadvantages, and one of them is security and privacy threats. Because of how easy it is today to hack into anybody’s computer system, we must be equipped with tools that will help us protect our files. With PDFBear, protecting your files is effortless.

Aside from a very safe website that removes your processed files and the history of your activity an hour after you use it, it also has a Password Protect PDF Tool that encrypts your file with an uncrackable 256-Bit encryption protocol. These features ensure that the security of your file and your privacy is protected.

Multiples Tools In One Website

From converting to customizing your and securing your file, whatever file managing task you need to do, the web can provide so many tools for it. But most of the time, the suggested tools from the web only offer one service per website or software. Although they can still accomplish your task, not all the time, you will only need one task to perform.

There will always be a time where you will need to perform various tasks, and you will need multiple tools for it. If you have so much time, it is fine, but for many who don’t have the luxury of time, this is a problem because going from one website or application to another can be time-consuming.

With PDFBear, this will never be a problem because it is the most versatile website you can find on the web. It offers more than twenty valuable tools, including Excel, Word, JPG, PNG to PDF converter, Deletes PDF Pages Tool, Split PDF Tool, Add Watermark Tool, and so much more. Having this feature will surely cut your time consumption and lessen your work.

No Installation Needed

One of the reasons why we use technology is for comfort and convenience, but when installing software on your computer, it defeats the purpose of using computer devices because downloading and installing this computer software can be time-consuming, and it can also take up so much of your devices’ storage.

That is why it is essential to have a compact and easily accessible tool for your file managing needs. This is one of the unique advantages of using PDFBear. You will not waste your precious time installing any application because it is 100% per cent web-based. 

Besides saving time, it will also protect you from harmful malware that may ruin your files and save you storage space in your device. This PDFBear feature is also excellent for people who are not skilful in using computer devices because they will just have to go straight to the PDFBear website instead of installing it before they can use it.


Technology indeed changed the world; it made our lives easier and more comfortable. But just like anything in this world, no matter how helpful they are to us, the technology that we have today is far from being perfect. Luckily, every problem when using technology has a solution regardless of how complicated it is.

One of the biggest problems when using computer devices is the complicated and time-consuming process of file managing because there are many files in a single computer, making sure that they are secured, in the best format, and have the best content.

Luckily PDFBear has all the tools to make all of these possible. Aside from the unique tools that the website has, it has features that will make the completion of your task a success without exerting so much effort and consuming so much time. It is indeed a life-saving tool for all your file managing tasks.

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