Top Entrepreneur to Watch out for This Year: Perris Aquino

After eight years of working as a freelancer, professional dancer, and freerunner in the Las Vegas entertainment industry, Perris started his public relations agency.

“Every day, I make the conscious choice to change my life” — Perris Aquino

From “struggling-artist” to thriving-artist. From being afraid of money to pursuing an entrepreneurial path. Perris Aquino is now utilizing financial knowledge as a vehicle to make a change and impact. Perris Aquino is passionate about helping his clients get their stories out to the world. 

What does it mean to be “5D”?

“When I say 5th dimensional, I refer to an internal state of being wherein everything we experience is connected. Every failure, every success, every heartbreak, every love, every person, every situation, every skill is connected. Every single thing we experience can expand us and help us grow if we choose it.” — Perris Aquino

Perris Aquino is 25 years old and creating a generation of thriving artists. Aside from his agency, he loves to hold meetings with creative minds who want to change their relationship with money. He gives them the tools, knowledge, and mindsets that helped him personally overcome the “struggling artist” mentality. 

 The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur grew up with numerous health problems, heart defects, skin diseases, and gut issues. He couldn’t cope with anyone looking at him, covered with severe acne and other skin diseases, and being bullied in school for being Asian.

He was also diagnosed with ADHD, which he now refers to as “Attention Directed to Higher Dimensions.” With all this inculcated fear, insecurity, and inability to interact with people, Perris started to distance himself from his school and dove into his self-education away from traditional academia. 

He says, “Since I wasn’t at school much, I was at home on social media (Youtube). Youtube exposed me to the potential of human beings: I saw viral videos of people dancing and flipping off buildings. It sparked an urge for freedom in my physical body. Whenever I was feeling healthy enough, I would copy what I saw on these videos and then slowly started developing my skills in content creation, filmmaking, photography, movement, and story-telling when I was nine years old”.

After graduating high school, he took on many different roles in life — his first job being a professional dancer with America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1 winners, The Jabbawockeez as a cast member at PRISM show, Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

His Instagram videos document his many works with DJI Japan, GQ Japan, and Zen Shimada of the world-famous parkour crew Team Farang, The Jabbawockeez, Disclosure Fest Mass Meditation Initiative, Dragon Talent Group.

One day he realized that even though he traveled around the world doing what he loved, something was missing. He was still living paycheck to paycheck, with an unsteady income. Perris then decided to educate himself on financial literacy and turned to digital marketing.

From all his experience working in the Las Vegas Corporate and Convention Entertainment industry, Perris founded 5D Growth Solutions Marketing Agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs, brands, and internet creators, get the credibility and attention they need for success. 

“Marketing is a vehicle to accelerate change in the world. It is a tool to inspire impactful decisions. When it’s in the hands of people driven by purpose and intention, it is the gatekeeper of our collective future. In the Digital Age, your greatest currency is your online presence.” – Perris Aquino

Perris motivates by saying, “Every day we can make the conscious choice to change our lives through reprogramming our beliefs.” 

The 5D Growth Agency has 20+ years of experience in online marketing and public relations, successfully helping hundreds of their clients get featured in major publications like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Influencive, and more.

If you want to learn more or do business with Perris Aquino, you can find him here:

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