Top Influencer, Digital Marketer, Seo Expert, The All in one Mustafa Bohra

There are a million succes stories about people who follow their dream and turn out successful. Each one of them had a passion, an aim and a mastery in a given skill set which helped them dive into the pool of success. But the story of 25 years old Mustafa Bohra of Nathdwara is different.

Instead of mastering one skill to rise to the top he decided to master many. Some people are god gifted, they have the knack, the talent, and Mustafa Bohra is one of them. He is a Social media influencer, Top influencer, Social media marketing expert, Digital marketing expert, Digital marketer, Seo expert, and a Social media marketer, all in one. When asked about the start of his journey, he said:

“From start I liked to make money online and wanted to live with freedom. So I decided to complete masters in digital marketing and enhanced my skills in a proper way after completing it I started doing internship in digital marketing company and after completing internship, I worked hard for 3+ years in smm + seo.”

In addition to all the mentioned talents, he also works for Social media growth, Google ads, and even in trade market under his live long guru Hari. Runs his father’s business of garments which is more than 25 years old, while also helping his clients to reach the zeniths of social media fame.

He had a Bcom degree and a Masters degree In digital marketing. He also has 3 years + experience in seo work with India Big real estate company and Sydney Solar Company. He has a whopping 17k + LinkedIn followers and 7k+ on Instagram and he is a google certified digital marketer , has a certificate of master in digital marketing , is a certified stock trader , and he is running 2 website which generates 1000$+ per month. Whoa! What a man!! Such goal oriented, hard and smart working and a visionary.

We asked him for a message for our readers and he said:

As I grew older i realisedse nothing comes easy. The only way to get success is to master the skill which you are interested in and see the money flood in your bank account. Your skills pay your bills. There are no shortcuts to get success. Hard + smart both matters.

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