Trenia Norford Helping Singles Get Better Dating Results with Connectricity

In today’s swipe-frenzied era of dating and love, many bachelors and bachelorettes struggle to find the perfect match. We’re more connected than ever, but more people struggle with feelings of isolation and lose to their limiting beliefs. One dating coach and influencer, Trenia Norford, hopes to flip that script for many as she helps single people navigate the confusion and apprehensions in today’s dating culture.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with love,” explains Trenia. In college, she interned in a talk show that became an early dream come true for her to learn the ins and outs of personality influencing.

After graduation, she started in the publishing world initially as a production manager for some of the most well-known publications in New York but would later make the shift to finance before finally landing in her sweet spot as a professional matchmaker. Now, Trenia Norford helps lonely individuals find the love of their life and more.

“Helping people find their way to happiness has always been my passion,” adds Norford.

Trenia’s personal love story came to fruition in 2009 after she married Brad, her best friend of ten years turned life partner. After getting married, the couple would move to Chicago and start building a family. Two years into their new life in the windy city, Trenia Norford came up with the idea of starting a company that would connect the science behind understanding compatibility with the personalized empathy of someone who wants to create nothing but happiness for others.

The business’ final form would come as a professional matchmaking service, which Trenia would call Connectricity. The professional service focuses on helping clients find lasting love, which Norford has proven highly successful at over the years.

Before starting her practice, Trenia committed herself to study as she attended the Matchmakers Institute — School of Matchmaking and Relationship Sciences. Then, she would pick up her certification and become a member of the institution’s science-based coaching alliance.

For Norford, matchmaking isn’t just about randomly setting people up on a date, nor is it about taking two forms and heartlessly ticking boxes. Instead, Trenia follows a passion-filled yet systematic approach to helping bachelors and bachelorettes find the perfect match who will potentially become the one they spend the rest of their life with.

Connectricity follows a proven system of helping someone find their match. The first part of the process involves a discovery session where Trenia understands all she needs to know to help determine what type of mate would suit a client best. Then, the matchmaking coach proceeds to find a mate through an extensive database of men and women and through a vast network of hundreds of other matchmakers worldwide.

By hiring a professional matchmaker, people no longer have to go through the mess and frustrating legwork of searching for a partner and “stalking” them online to find out if they’re someone they’ll be interested in. Instead, Connectricity does all the research and sets up the date. Then, all clients are left with to do is show up.

Over the years, Trenia has achieved exemplary results as a professional matchmaker, helping hundreds of individuals find each other and enter meaningful relationships with their soulmates. Norford is more than committed to helping her clients, both existing and future, attain their goals of finding worthwhile love.

Learn more about Trenia Norford and Concentricity by visiting their website and Instagram profile.

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