Tricity Tycoon Amit Jain’s Brand Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewelry Is the New Buzz for Jewelry Enthusiasts.

The emerging Indian economy has entrusted us with oodles of young and promising entrepreneurs

The emerging Indian economy has entrusted us with oodles of young and promising entrepreneurs, and amongst them, a distinct person Mr Amit Jain, the owner and founder of “Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewelry”, is finding his place in the sun. 2015 was the year when this company was set up by Mr Jain with the foresight of revolutionising the jewellery manufacturing market and putting forward customised jewellery for trendy and exclusive customers.

Chateauvince Solitaires & Jewelry apprehends the need of the customers, and the credit goes to Mr Jain as he is a graduate in Jewelry Manufacturing, Gemology, Designing and Diamond grading from Indian Diamond Institute, Surat and a post law graduate from the University of Warwick. So being a connoisseur in this subject has helped Mr Jain perceive the clamour of the Indian people’s requisite and thus generating the apt products for them.

Aside from this, Mr Amit Jain is also a renowned social activist and this has motivated him to join a political party INLD. It allows him to further work towards the amelioration of the youth and social work. Stimulation to work for society and his confederates have encouraged him to service towards the amendment of the Indian community.


Written by Johnny Lee

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