Types of Armored Vehicles: Armored SUV, Sedan, Limousine, Cash-In Transit and Special Purpose Vehicles

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Armored vehicles are designed to offer the highest level of security and protection to ensure the safety of the people and valuables involved. They are designed to sustain fires, bullets, and any other attacks directed at harming the passengers.

Armored vehicles are popular in various industries such as law enforcement, military, escorting among others. The process of armoring a vehicle is meant by bulletproofing it and adding protective layers to it in order to make sure it can withstand any sort of attack. 

Armored Vehicles can be availed in the following types: 

Armored SUV

With Inkas Bulletproof cars, you can get an unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to automotive security. You can get predefined options along with recognized brands to choose from and get your dream armored SUV lineup. Almost any kind of SUV can be armored and added with custom features and functionalities to cater to your individual needs.

By having your SUV armored with industry-leading materials along with stringent quality control, you can ensure safety, performance, and reliability in your vehicles for years to come. Armored SUVs were previously used for law enforcement applications and now they have evolved to become a very reasonable choice for anyone who wants to achieve higher levels of automobile security and armor.

Armored Sedan

With armored Sedan, you can conveniently get both luxury and function to accommodate celebrities, politicians, VIPs, and what not. With little to no discerning changes on the exterior of your vehicle, you can bulletproof your car while also equipping your car with the necessary protection to sustain fire from rifles, handguns, and even multiple grenade assaults.

By armoring your Sedan you can still enjoy the luxury and comfort that you have grown accustomed to while adding a level of security that remains unparalleled in the whole industry.

Armored Limousines

Armored limousines allow you to transport multiple individuals with maximal security against assaults of varying degrees. You can avail armored limousines in many configurations and vehicle sizes and so much more. By using high-quality certified and industry-standard materials Armored Vehicle MAnufactiring lets you armor your limousine while keeping your individual needs in mind. Armored limousines, buses, and vans are equipped with all kinds of features and facilities that an armored vehicle enjoys along with the added flexibility of carrying multiple individuals at the same time. 

Armored Cash-in-Transit Vehicles

Armored Cash-in-Transit Vehicles, bullion, and bulletproof bank trust are designed to transport valuables, precious metals, bullion, and currency. In the case of valuables, security and protection is top priority in order for the business to be successful. It helps you prevent any substantial loss or damage to valuable items.

Special Purpose Vehicle

Special Purpose Vehicles, as the name suggests are employed for special occasions and conditions to meet the needs that may not be possible with regular ones. They are designed to withstand the volatile environment and can easily sustain hi-end rifle attacks or blasts. With the introduction of robust features and advanced technologies, they are able to perform under the most skeptical situations. 

Inkas Armored Manufacturing 

You can avail all types of armored vehicles at Inkas Armored and avail best features to meet your individual requirements. At Inkas Armored, their armored vehicles are designed with the utmost precision so that they have advanced ballistic protective technology.

With a wide array of options and configurations, almost any specification is attainable. Inkas Armored was founded on the basic principle of manufacturing and offering the finest and most technologically advanced armored vehicles to meet the safety and security needs of VIPs, celebrities, politicians, and other personnel. 

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