UAE Footballer Fahad Mousa Juggles the Sport and His Job as a Cop With Ease

Sharjah-based footballer Fahad Mousa Ali plays for the national team in UAE.

Sharjah-based footballer Fahad Mousa Ali plays for the national team in UAE. He loves the sport and is proud to be able to contribute towards his country. But, he’s a true patriot, not just as an athlete, but also as a citizen. Fahad is also a police officer and he loves managing both professions.

Fahad works with the Abu Dhabi police department. He works for two days and gets three days off for his practice and tournaments. “The department is very cooperative and they support athletes. My club requested the department to let me out for training and tournaments and they obliged,” says Fahad, who spends three days exercising, attending camps and playing tournaments.

Ask him if being an athlete makes him a better cop, and he promptly agrees saying that as a police officer, one needs to be agile. Being a sportsman helps him in his annual fitness tests as a cop and during the rigorous military training on field. “Being a sportsman has helped me in my day job. I’m so prompt that I’m great at catching criminals,” he explains.

Meanwhile, Fahad not just likes his country, but he’s also very fond of India. His mother is from Hyderabad and he loves travelling to the country. Appreciating India’s cultural diversity, he says that unlike his country, there’s no demarcation between Indians and outsiders here.

Everyone is treated equally. Fahad has been to cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ooty and Mysore and he loves all of them.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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