The Ultimate Twitter Roadmap to Increasing Your Reach

Twitter has exploded as a quick and informative form of content consumption. It’s not easy conveying your message to your target audience in 140 character or less.

Twitter is a type of microblogging tool because of the short, disconnected messages that are sent out. But getting your Tweets seen often feels like a thankless task. Luckily, there is a formula you can use to increase the reach of every Tweet you send out to use Twitter to expand and enhance your customer base.

Use Hashtags to Narrow the Conversation

Hashtags should be seen as tools to categorize each Tweet you put out. They stop your message from being lost among the noise. You should always aim to use a couple of hashtags per Tweet. As your brand grows, you might even consider creating your own hashtags.

For now, you should stick to trending hashtags within your industry to maximize your reach.

Tweet Out Your Blogs

There’s a simple formula for getting people to visit your blog. Never just link your blog and ask people to visit it. You need to entice people to click. Find an interesting statistic or pose a question people want an answer to and link to the blog in your Twitter bio. Also, include a short link in the Tweet itself, but concentrate on being persuasive.

Promote Your Brand Through Images

Twitter gives you a number of opportunities to use image-based marketing on their platform. You have your profile pictures and your header photo. These two photos are your primary outlets for using image-based marketing to promote your brand.

Think about how they work when used together. Do they work together or are they contrasting too much? View your own Twitter profile because this is what your customers are going to see.

Fill Out Your Profile Entirely

It’s easy to get started on Twitter without filling out your profile at all. And this is the mistake most brands make. Believe it or not, interested parties will check out your profile. They want to know as much about you as possible. This is why you should make sure every field is filled out.

More importantly, the information you supply should be kept entirely up to date. Include links to your social media platforms, and make sure that all these other platforms have links going back to Twitter. Ensure that your entire social media presence is connected. This is about creating a unified brand.

Start Talking

If you post Tweets without any interaction you’re severely limiting your reach. Remember that Twitter is about initiating conversations. Retweet content from your followers and reply to those who reply to you quickly. Thank anyone who has helped you out and ask people direct questions.

These conversations will help you to increase your reach because others will know that you reply to people directly. They know they can have a real relationship with your brand.

Use Twitter as Part of Your Brand

Twitter can be used to talk. Twitter can be used to sell. But keep in mind that Twitter is only part of your brand. Market yourself on Twitter with your overall brand in mind. This will not only help you to get better results from Twitter, but your brand as a whole will get better results.

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