Upcoming Artist F.A.M.E 939

A new, upcoming artist, F.A.M.E 939 has recently begun his music career in California. Although native to Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, he moved to set his music career on fire. It wasn’t always an easy journey for him to get to where he is today.

He spent most of his youth incarcerated until he was granted parole. Upon parole completion, he set out to California to pursue his dreams. When asked why he moved, he said, “I won’t stop until I achieve what I set in my mind, then I go for something else to conquer.”

F.A.M.E 939 credits Snoop Dog’s 1998 album, Da Game is to be sold, not to be told as his primary inspiration. Although he just started creating music recently with Vinniebeatz, he’s always had a passion for music. Each day, he tries to push as hard as he can to take it to the next level.

His biggest music inspiration is Biggie Smalls and currently, he is working on his upcoming single with T-Rell and a few other artists. When asked what he wants his listeners to get out of his music, he stated, “Never let any entity hold you from doing what you want in life and to live to the fullest, we’ve only got it one time; enjoy every moment and do what you want, not what you’re told!”

Aside from music, F.A.M.E 939 enjoys creating new business opportunities, spending time with his kids, breeding exotic French bulldogs and European Dobermans. In his free time, he enjoys traveling.

To find out more about F.A.M.E 939 and his music, follow his Instagram.

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