Upcoming Newyork Artist you Should Watch out for

Alex Duarte is a thoroughbred New Yorker. Alex’s story is a part of every borough she grew up in but doesn’t necessarily belong to any one of them. Her artwork has multi-cultural flavors just like New York City. It is quixotic and loud, and proudly so. It will have you engaged and hypnotized. Her influences are varied, beginning at street art and never-ending.

Alex trained in the arts only informally while growing up. The dark tones of the city got the better of her with more than one traumatic experience. Just like the energy of the city, she did not give up. She lost her voice and took to visual art. Keratoconus struck next and dealt a severe blow to her eyesight.

She did not let this dissuade her as it would most artists. Contrary to what one might expect the disease had her trying even harder and expressing her deeper self, the outer shell left bare by the coarse circumstances. This is a real artist, and like all original art, the artist doesn’t die either.

“ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Alex’s art is a visual euphemism for energy, in the metaphysical sense of the word. She uses these representations as a voice to discuss female empowerment and rebellion. The artwork is a potpourri of a variety of mediums like murals, canvas, and paper. It is multilayered both literally and figuratively.

Alex uses materials that capture and reflect light very well. The artwork is conjured from the depths of her darkness and shone light upon. The visual impairment is now her strength. Alex’s aesthetic is a great metaphor for her being and her causes. The system that is broken is manipulated to work in her favor. The weakness of the system is exploited. The individual, the artist conquers all.

The capitalist cage is juxtaposed to express freedom. The light shines through the dark templates. The patriarchy is shown it can be overcome. Alex, as a woman, an artist, and a rebel uses Neon and it’s a stark character to show how struggles can be used to grow.

The outer covers of fear and disempowerment are shed layer after layer and the light reflects beautifully expressed imagery in the eyes of the enthusiast. The art depicts the life of a woman who has taken her harsh lived experiences and transmuted them to connect with the world outside.

The last few years have been very rewarding for Alex. She made her mark in the world. She connected with her fans on Social Media at a very deep level. Alex displayed her work on her own website and gained much appreciation both as an artist and a person. This phase in her life brought her much recognition and abundance. The dust seemed to be settling and just then life decided to test her once again.

Alex’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked and she has had a harrowing tenure ever since. xasperation seemed to creep in as she struggled to get her Social Media accounts back in order. These were her windows to the outside world; her feedback machinery had been hijacked.

Alex’s interactions with her friends, family, and fans were not just about staying in touch but about communication and reciprocation at her core. She connected deeply, at the level of her soul. This was her way of working around her hearing and visual disability.

The setback gave Alex time to reflect and transmute her pain for greater work. This time she was inspired to enter the world of NFTs. This one-of-a-kind venture lets art connoisseurs buy NFTs and physical artwork as part of the same deal. As art is wont to be, her usage of it has expanded into looking beyond our existence.

The first NFT drop talks about extraterrestrials and aliens, their amalgamation with human life and culture. The tendency to associate with life outside of our perception is very natural to most artists. Alex uses pop-culture representations of intelligent life in non-human forms and anthropomorphizes them to create icons of symbiosis and mutual learning.

The growth that might come for both species in a predicament of cohesive exchange of knowledge, spirituality, and lessons learned. The notion that either species or life form could be superior is left aside and imagination of great camaraderie is sustained. The Aliens are wise, and so are the humans. The transcendental experiences are the same for both and visual art is the favored medium to render this exquisite fantasy.

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