Urgent Care Nurse Turned Author Unveils Taboo Topic of Domestic Violence in Book

The Breaking Point is an inspirational journey about a young woman trapped in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, who reaches her own breaking point when an unforeseen tragedy strikes, shattering her world to pieces and leaving her with the choice to either give up on life or press forward.

Author Cece Reeves, who also happens to be working as an Urgent Care Nurse in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, wrote this brave story after having had her own past personal experience with domestic violence. She hopes to share this with others to bring more awareness to domestic violence, which has been on a steady rise in reported cases since the pandemic began in March 2020. She also hopes to inspire domestic violence victims (both men and women) to find their own inner strength and know they are not alone and do not have to stay with an abusive partner.

After leaving a toxic engagement in 2017, Reeves went through tough reflection and knew that she wanted to help others who were in domestically violent relationships. Through prayer, God inspired her to write something that would bring not only healing to herself, but to others. Reeves stroked away at the keyboard every night and day, during her breaks at work and between nursing classes and through her creative sprint, the character of Kristen Summers was born.

Reeves says, “I lost my cousins to a senseless murder that arose from domestic abuse. In their honor and for so many other victims out there, I decided to write a book that unveiled the struggle a domestic violence victim faces physically and emotionally. Through this story, I hope you will find faith, healing, forgiveness, and spiritual awakening. I want to encourage people and help them realize that no matter how broken we are, we can still find healing through all the pain.”

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