Varinder Singh Khosa an Unsullied and Brilliant Police Officer Maintaining the Peace and Serenity in Punjab.

A job of a police officer is not a child’s play, the job of a police office is highly troublesome, a police officer has enormous amount of responsibilities and burden on his shoulder. The police forces strive to maintain the law and order in the country maintaining the serenity and reconciliation through thorough inspection and vigilance of the public, detecting and providing substantial and competent deposition and factual evidences reporting the crime and misdemeanour of the suspects to the court.

The major part of their functioning involves demoralising crimes, malfeasance and extortion in the country by imposing strict policies and protocols. Police officers are highly respected and honoured in the society because gambling one’s life for the nation is not a piece of cake. A police officer is shaped with adversity, tenacity and steadfastness.

Presenting you, Varinder Singh Khosa one of the most courageous and assiduous police officer who has been sacrificing his time, sweat and blood for the nation sustaining stillness and tranquillity in the country. Varinder Singh Khosa was born on 8th September, 1993 in the exquisite city of Moga in Punjab.

He has been quite studious and has expelled in his academics since his adolescence, after graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Science, Varinder Singh Khosa went ahead and started preparing for UPSC, but was unable to grab a position in the merit list, but he didn’t give up on his dreams, he was highly persistent and worked every hour on himself.

He attained a rank of 25 in the Punjab Civil services in the year 2018 and was honoured as the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Punjab Police, since then he has never looked back and has overcome all the hurdles of life with modesty and ease. Varinder has been solemnly serving the nation as a police office with full fairness, integrity, and diligence.

Varinder Singh Khosa has been doing his duty and has been regular 24*7 safeguarding the law and order in the country, he has been very selfless and has been devoting his time for the countrymen without bothering about his personal life.

He has helped the most distressed people and provided them justice, even in this vigorous and resilient Covid pandemic situation he has done every thing possible from his side, from helping the poor to providing efficient necessities to the needy and powerless people of the nation.

He has freed seven lives by donating his own blood. He has been an excellent police officer and stands as an inspiring ideal for all the young aspirants who desire to serve the nation and be in the law enforcement in the mere future.

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