Victor Garibay Shares His Thoughts on Commercial Real Estate Industry Post-Pandemic

Victor Garibay is one of the top successful entrepreneurs in today’s time. Garibay started his career in real estate first and stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. After he ventured out as an entrepreneur, he started investing in startups. He also participated in social media programs, which eventually led him to the entertainment field. Garibay became a social media influencer, too. After becoming a partner and collaborator in this entertainment field, he went into executive producing TV and film projects.

Garibay was born in Mexico City, and later moved to a different city and spent his rest years in Seattle, WA. He has based himself in sunny Los Angels, CA. After stepping into the entertainment field, Garibay didn’t stop at just producing some small projects; he has produced TV shows and programs, worked with artists, musicians, and a lot of famous social media stars. Garibay’s experience right from entrepreneurship, real estate, social media influencer, food and beverages to entertainment speaks a lot about him. He’s worked in so many different fields and has a lot of experience altogether, which makes him capable and worthy of so many things. He has a lot of experience just in his 30s.

Garibay is very optimistic as a person and always thinks of different ways to work and stay positive, which motivates other people around him to work too. He has a lot of experience and knowledge about the real estate and the commercial real estate field. After working in this field for this long now, according to his experience, he says that the commercial real estate sector is not the stock market. It’s slower moving and the leasing fundamentals don’t swing wildly from day to day.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this market and field is being felt in global real estate markets, with commercial real estate investment volumes falling across all major regions in the first half of the year. The number of investments done in the American region faced the biggest half-yearly decline till now with a 37 % fall in the market.

Because of the ongoing situation, the agreements and deals between the commercial space owners and tenants are expected to go through some changes, which will result in shortening the residencies or looking for greater adaptability. Garibay assumes that this COVID-19 is going to have its impact on the market for some time even from now.

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