Victoria Lee Robinson’s new track “Blissful”

In the past, we have received different kinds of music from Victoria Lee Robinson. Now she has delivered us “Blissful”. A completely different take on music from Victoria, fans seem to like this new style of music. So far it has been streamed over a thousand times on Spotify. Time will tell how well this song will do. 

Victoria has been listening to house music since she started in LA. As a center for parties, LA has house music played on almost every occasion. Listening to these tracks on a weekly basis, Victoria slowly developed a knack for creating house tracks. And since she started she has only produced hit tracks and nothing else. 

“Blissful” is a different approach from her usual style. Normally, Victoria’s tracks are meant to be danced to. But this track is an exception. You just want to enjoy the track and have a great time while you’re doing so. 

You can follow Victoria and all her work on Spotify.

For more updates on her check out her Instagram


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