Video Games On Bitcoin? Recursive Inscriptions Level Up Ordinals


Something special has happened on Ordinals…..again!

In the past two weeks alone, we’ve reported on Cursed Inscriptions and the launch of BRC-721E. This week, we have something truly ground-breaking to discuss: “Recursive Inscriptions,” something so seismic in its potential that it’s got Ordinal OGs referring to it as “Ordinals 2.0.”

What Are Recursive inscriptions?

I may be on my own here, but admittedly I had to turn to Google when I first came across the term “recursive.” Once I understood the definition, it became much clearer to grasp how recursive inscriptions functioned. Let’s start there:

Recursive, as defined in mathematics and linguistics, means involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results. In computing, it refers to a program or routine where a part of it requires the application of the whole, necessitating many successive executions. Basically, it’s about repetition and interconnection.

So with that in mind, how does this concept relate to ordinals?

How Does It All Work?

Recursive inscriptions work like interconnected puzzle pieces, allowing inscriptions to borrow and use data from one another. Instead of each inscription standing alone in isolation as they always have done, they can now reference content from other inscriptions. Think of it as inscriptions becoming parts of a larger whole, all being built on Bitcoin.

Consider a scenario where someone is inscribing a collection of 10,000 unique pfp images on Bitcoin. Usually, each image would require a separate inscription. However, with recursive inscriptions, it’s more like building with LEGO blocks. Instead of creating individual structures, you inscribe the fundamental traits of the blocks. By using a code, you can generate various structures by combining and arranging these blocks.

This approach offers greater flexibility, and optimizes storage efficiency, reducing transaction fees and saving costs for the creators.

Video Games inscribed On BTC?

The 10K PFP example is just the tip of the iceberg, as demonstrated in an excellent thread from OrdinalHub.

To quote a section: “Remember the DOOM Inscription? It was only 30kb. Most video games are larger than 4mb. What if you could Inscribe different pieces of the code of a game like DOOM and “load” them into another Inscription? This unlocks a lot for developers.”

Read the full OrdinalHub thread below:

While full-blown video games may be some way off at this early stage, Bitcoin writer and fellow Ordinal enjoyer, Brandon Marshall, claims to have inscribed the first ever website on Bitcoin:

Final Thoughts

It keeps being said, but the pace of progress in the Bitcoin space is truly astounding. Advancements that would typically take years have been happening in just a matter of weeks or months in 2023. It’s an exciting time to be part of this moment in history for Bitcoin, and judging by the momentum we’ve seen so far, it’s a fair bet to say that another game-changing update is just around the corner.

But for now as we witness the emergence of Ordinals 2.0, let’s wait and see where this one takes us.

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