Vikas Verma, the YouTube Music Artist With a Promising Future

He is set to sweep music lovers off their feet with his rhymes and rhythms

India is full of talented artists who have proven their mettle in various fields, specially music. Many such amazing and awe-strucking talents have been found on the world’s largest video sharing platform YouTube. These melodious artists have mesmerised all with their voices and have gained immense popularity not only in India but across the world.

Some have even been lucky enough to kickstart their journeys in Bollywood after becoming famous on YouTube. Today we have amongst us one such scintillating music artist who has created much buzz with his YouTube channel ‘Roohjazz record’, he is Vikas Verma. Lets take a look at his journey as a music artist till date which has brought him to a much successful position in the field of music.

Vikas started his YouTube channel which has gained a decent number of follower base within a short period of its launch. His popularity soar to newer heights when he released his first song which was immensely liked and appreciated by the audience making his popularity take a step ahead.

We can proudly say that he is India’s powerhouse of talent whose creativity knows no bounds and is limitless. His style of presenting music makes him completely distinct, and that’s what makes him shine brighter than others around him. He has so far released a couple of his music on YouTube and each of it has a distinct flavour in it which makes it stand apart from the music we keep listening in our everyday lives.

Vikas says that he likes his music to be original and doesn’t really pay much heed to his critics. He wants to be as original as he can and give music to the audience which would mesmerise them till no end. He says, “music was something which interested me since my young days and I would practice it for hours together to get hold over it. After gaining much confidence that I can deliver the goods did I start my YouTube channel which has gained much popularity of late.”

The drive to succeed in the field of music drove Vikas to establish his own YouTube channel ‘Roohjazz records’ which will create history in coming times going by the popularity and the number of followers it is garnering with each passing day.

To have a glimpse of ‘Roohjazz records”,


Written by Johnny Lee

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