Vishal Dilip Bhujbal: The Pune Social Worker Who Aims to Change the Landscape of Indian Railways

As John F Kennedy Once rightly said, Every area of trouble gives out a ray of hope, and the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is inevitable or unchangeable. Nothing in this world is impossible; with hard work, determination, and share perseverance, we can turn the impossible into possible.

It takes a lot of effort to bring a positive change in society as most of the time; people would be against you; there would be many challenges, but you have to overcome them to do something for the welfare of the people.

Today will bring you a story of such a social worker who completely changed the landscape of railways in his state. Chakradharpur is a city in the western singhbhum district of Jharkhand. It is well known for its railway network as it is is the Divisional headquarters of South Eastern Railway, which is considered as one of the busiest routes in Jharkhand.

It is well known for its network of exporting and importing raw materials required for various industries regarding coal mining as Jharkhand is one of the top states in India in coal mining. Not only this, but the railway network is also so heavily crowded as many people travel through this network. But, every system has some clause, and so this one has too.

But let’s talk about today’s hero of this article, Vishal Dilip Bhujbal. Hailing from Narayangaon, Junnar in Pune at Maharashtra, Vishal, since an early age, started contributing to various social works and always wanted to bring a positive change in the society. Slowly and gradually, he kept doing things and contributed his bits and pieces to improve the community.

His work was finally recognised in 2020 when he got the National Youth icon award 2020 from Shree. Sanjay Dhotre, Ji, who is Minister on Government Of India. Vishal got this award on 25 th Jan in Delhi. He has also been appointed as the Member of the Chakradharpur Divisional Railway Advisory Committee of Indian railways, the most significant public sector undertaking.

Over the past number of years, Vishal has raised his voice against many common problems faced by passengers and has highlighted the issues causing trouble to the passengers. He has regularly been a vital part of improving the framework of Indian Railways across Jharkhand. He also gives utmost importance to addressing the issues of the travellers through NGOs and CSR.

Vishal, in the future, aims to carry on his attempts in furnishing the railways’ overall development and growth. He has taken the oath to work harder in future with the ability to provide the best solutions to the problems faced by the passengers.

He also hopes to create awareness among the railway stations about utilising green energy, eco-friendly and pocket friendly. Vishal is genuinely the kind of authority that one needs for the development and welfare of society; he deserves the utmost respect and recognition for all his work.

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