Want to Have Shiny and Healthy Hair? Francine Gillian Garcia Proffers Advise

The owner of Ju Poppin is none other than one of the most talented hairstylists and hair care experts of today, whose name is Francine Gillian Garcia. She was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean. She studied at the vessigny government secondary in Trinidad and got her GED from Brooklyn College. Francine is all in one package- being a hairstylist educator, content creator, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur.

Her hair education started with Hairanns hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad and continued with Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal, Najah. She did her mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer and Grant Cardone.

She says that healthy- and good-looking hair is like a crown for people. It makes your appearance more beautiful and gives you confidence. Francine launched her new product New JUPOPPIN COLLECTION for healthier hair.

JU POPPIN’s tagline is “where healthy hair is always trending”. The Top selling product of JU POPPINS is Growth Oil which is also known as liquid gold. The benefits of this oil are mentioned below:

  1. It helps to regrow hair and hairlines.
  2. It thickens thinning hair and maintains the health of the hair.

Apart from the magical growth oil, POPPIN Vit E Oil is the next top-selling product that will moisturize hair, help to detangle it and also add shine to your hair. The brand also offers the JUPOPPIN Limited Edition Men’s Grooming Oil. This oil blend helps soften the hair condition of the skin and create long-lasting protection against damage and moisture loss.

Francine Gillian Garcia loves working with all things hair and making one feel special and confident with her skills. As mentioned before, she is a philanthrope who wants to spread joy and her contagious smile in others’ lives. She puts others’ feelings and joy before her own and is a believer in God and gospel music. Francine is a family person who loves and protects her kids and grandkids. Her words of wisdom touch other souls and help to motivate them. Giving back love to the community which has supported her in this journey is important to her.

On being asked that if she wouldn’t become a hairstylist, then what she would like to become, she replied that she would be a motivational coach or speaker so she could inspire people, groom them and polish their talents. She says that she sees talent and greatness in people by talking to them. She also said that consistency plays an important role in life. Be scheduled, know what you love to do, what you are becoming into, what is best for you, research and put efforts into your work.

Francine Gillian Garcia will keep on spreading smiles, encouraging one to look good and feel good and she wants to focus on her love for doing hair and continue to help to grow healthier hair.

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